Obama and his birth certificate

30 Apr

Okay, I’ll admit it…I had (and have) a hard time believing that the Democratic party did not properly vet Obama before making him a presidential candidate, so therefore, logic said that he was in fact, a “natural born” American.  Yes, it is also true, I’m not an Obama fan, but that’s nothing new…I’ve never liked a president.  Come to think of it, I don’t like any politician and haven’t since my great-grandfather died.  He was the only honest politician I have ever known or even heard of, and he was very “small potatoes.”  Since he stands in my mind as the icon representing what a politician SHOULD be…well, its not likely I’ll ever be any politician’s fan.

The whole birth certificate thing, as far as I’m concerned, played out entirely too long.  Why not lay this whole thing to rest when it first cropped up before his inauguration?  Why let it remain a shadow on his administration for so long?

It fed conspiracy theories, and continues to do so.  I have to admit…I’m really questioning the reasoning behind the scheduled release today of that birth certificate.  It has no secrets, so what on earth was he hiding?  Why the refusal to deal with it?  Everything on that birth certificate is public record already, there are no great mysteries there.  By releasing it now, what is he using this birth certificate to camouflage?

“Look at the birdie, kiddies!”

Never mind what that other hand is doing, and pay no attention to that man behind the curtain either.

Yeah, I’m a bit disgusted with the whole thing.  To me, he’s become one more in a long list of candidates who made grand promises, and then delivered the same dingy laundry.  He promised transparency, and we got a wait of over 2 years for a stupid “certificate of live birth”?

I feel like the only change we got was a change of names and faces.  I resent the fact that if I say anything negative about Obama, someone is all too ready to point at me and scream “racist!”   It doesn’t matter what race anyone is…if you like or dislike them solely based on that fact, it is racist.  I dislike him because he is a politician doing the same old crap that politicians are notorious for doing–being deceitful, promising a lot and delivering little, running their mouth, and putting their own interests in front of the interests of the majority.  I’ve disliked every president we’ve had since I was old enough to pay attention for those things.  That’s not racist, it might be prejudice against presidents and politicians, but that doesn’t make it a “racist” thing.

So finally, after over two years of these rumors and accusations, Obama releases his long form birth certificate.  I thought it was over, other than wondering why on earth he had waited so long to do what needed done.

I should have realized…it couldn’t be that easy.

Now Robert Stanley from the Washington Times is saying the document appears to be a forgery with too many irregularities to be a simple scanned copy of the birth certificate.

We had “birthers” protesting this lack of a birth certificate for years.  Now we have “earthers” who are certain that Obama’s origins are in fact more than alien in terms of location of birth, but more alien as in extra terrestrial.


I don’t know what to think of this.  It came out right after the bit about how Obama reportedly told someone in 1980 that he was going to be president of the United States.


I never told anyone I’d host a paranormal radio show in 1980…

I do remember announcing I’d be a marathon runner though.

Uh huh

I hate running.


I’m too fat to run these days anyhow.  It would kill me, either through a heart attack or my legs would be beaten to death.  I’ve never run a marathon, and its been well over 20 years since I’ve run over a mile anyhow.

I’m not sure what to think of all of this though.  The idea of the White House using a forged birth certificate to prove that Obama is a legal president is actually frightening.  It’s worse than not producing one at all.  I no longer know what to think of the National Democrat Party…

Could they have fallen down on the job that far to not verify his birth place?  I know there were questions about McCain, but he was born to an American couple while his father was stationed in Panama…in a US military hospital.  To me, that qualifies as “natural born”.  There could be no question whether or not McCain would have had the potential for mixed loyalties.

Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we attempt to deceive… 

If the birth certificate had been produced in a timely manner, without much ado, all of this controversy and conspiracy theory stuff would have been averted.  Instead, I am now being told that Obama’s grandparents, mother, father, AND step father were all employed by the CIA in one facet or another.  I am being told there is a possibility that he is a plant of extra terrestrial sort.  I hear about how he knew his entire life that he was going to be in this position.


If he knew all of that, why didn’t somebody tell him way back when that the preacher at his church of choice was going to be a campaign problem in the future?  That birth certificate should have been properly forged…nearly 50 years ago too.  Someone should have made sure there were frequent little bits in local newspapers, talking about whatever Barry Obama was up to, laying a paper trail that would satisfy the public need to know.

Now I have lost my faith in the secret squirrels of our government.  Give them a big job of grooming a future president, and what do they do?

They blow it.  Crappy forgeries, no paper trails to back it up, lots of doubts and rumors…it’s totally a crappy piece of work.

Aliens?  If it is their work…they blew it too.  Same mistakes as before.  Same grade on their term paper of sorts too.  A big fat F.

I’m so disappointed.  Who can we trust to do a good job of grooming, forgeries, and paper trails now?  No wonder there were so many leaks for the Roswell affair…Watergate…the list could go on and on.

I think I’m going to take a nap and contemplate the state of affairs.  Not that I trusted our government before, but now its quite obvious that even their black ops divisions are long on bureaucracy and short on efficiency.  I’m devastated at the realization.  How can we be certain now about Homeland Security’s plans for genocide, mass murders, concentration camps, population reduction, and old age reduction plans when its so obvious that this plan has been exposed?

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