Birthday, Easter, visit from Mom, and then it’s May!

27 Apr

Okay I’ve had a HUGE couple of weeks.  First, I hit that fearsome Fifty milestone.  I’m now officially an antique, and I’m pretty mystified by how that even happened…

Then, there was the surprise of my mother flying to Mississippi for my birthday, and that was pretty surprising, let me tell you!  I actually thought she was on an Alaskan cruise getting a dose of radioactive fall out…instead, my daughter had arranged for her to fly out and share my birthday and Easter with us.

We’ve been running back and forth like a chicken trying to figure out how to cross a creek.  Ever watch that?  So much high drama…all to avoid getting her feet wet!

In the middle of all of that, with radio shows on Tuesday and Saturday that require we return to the coast where we have cable internet access…we had a small dog decide to find us.

Dog number three is called Nemo now, because when I caved in about the small stray chihuahua mix…that is what was on the television.  In our case, it was Nemo finding us, not us finding Nemo.  Nemo is also already rotten.  He growls at both Sissy and Red Dog, unaware of the potential disasters that could result.

Small dog, small brain was always the saying…

He is definitely small.

Our schedule has been incredibly hectic, trying to take care of business and still enjoy my mother’s brief stay.  There’s the grand baby too, and all the joys of spending time with such an absolutely perfect child.

You truly start to see perfection with the arrival of a grand child.  My mother says that great grandchildren are even more perfect than grand children.  I don’t know, but I guess she has a lot more experience with that, having seven grand children and now three great grandchildren under her belt.

All I know is that I think her new trick of blowing very juicy raspberries is quite amusing…and I can’t help but smile when she grins and wrinkles her nose, which is a strange new idiosyncrasy but very adorable.  I noticed this week that she has a wild eyebrow like mine, and just like her grandma, that eyebrow can scoot halfway up her forehead too.  It was the first resemblance to me that I had seen in her.  I hope she has a more peaceful life down a much smoother road than I’ve enjoyed, and I suspect that my grandmother thought the same about me when I was her age.   Grandmother’s hopes for their grand daughters cannot be cast into stone, though.  We will have to see what the Fates have in store for her.

Those Ladies of Fate.  I have a vision of them, you know.  They are twelve ladies, all well up in years.  Some have blue hair, some have white, some have gray, and there is one with obviously dyed red hair among them.  They have wildly colored clothes, including brash striped stockings.  They have feathers in their hats, strings of fake pearls around their necks, and gaudy earrings to boot.  Some of them wear loud makeup too.  Their very large feet are encased in the biggest, brightest shoes ever dreamed up by elven shoemakers.

They sit in a jury box on a cloud overhead.  From there, they cackle insanely, incredibly amused by the goings on down here.  Occasionally, they look down upon my unsuspecting head…and cast some new event upon me with no worries.  They cackle with laughter…and wonder how I’ll cope with THIS new event.

They are amused by our attempts to get by in the face of their “bolts of lightning”.  I’m amused in a demented sort of way by their cackles of laughter, which makes thunderstorms a LOT more interesting than thinking giants are bowling in the clouds, anyhow.

But this month is definitely winding down, flying faster than anything I’ve experienced.  I’ve heard that time flies as we age, but surely this huge difference isn’t from merely celebrating a milestone birthday?

Unfortunately, as time flies by…the bills fly in.  Why can’t we have a bill free month sometimes?

If wishes were horses, right?

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