Some days just plain stink

24 Apr

Okay, I know I’m not supposed to ever express anything negative.  I got that already, but guess what?

Sometimes, we encounter negative days, days so negative that anti-matter could not levitate it.  It’s just…ugh.

It’s as though everything you try to do turns out for the worst, that nothing goes wrong.  Each act of intended kindness and consideration somehow turns and bites you right on the butt.  Before the day is even thinking about ending, your day’s allotment of optimism and nice is all gone, and there you stand…

Wanting to slap someone.

Advice?  Don’t even think about it.

Warnings?  Oh they’ll still be ignored, and then…the disaster is all your fault anyhow.  I’ll guarantee it.

Lapsed into silence, did you?  You’re responsible for the havoc that you didn’t prevent with advice and warnings and directions too.

It is all your fault.

Then, all that New Age wisdom that’s been making its rounds for the last few decades.  You know the routine…

If you are having a negative day, then it is your fault because the secret of surviving includes the law of attraction.


With whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Where’s the concept of random odds?  Come on, every good bookie figures those into their odds too.  Why can a bookie have random acts and you can’t?

Scientists talk about randomness too.  So…science has randomness too?  And you said my life couldn’t?

I’m not talking about a long run of these days where everything you say, do, and think is somehow going to turn against you.  That’s when the law of attraction is coming into play.  I’m talking about plain old random days that stink.

I did not earn today’s bullshit.  I’m not going to own it either.  It’s just bullshit that I don’t want.  I want the bullshit even less than I wanted the third dog, the little chihuahua named Nemo.  The bullshit has nothing to do with Nemo either.  That was a different chance event.

Today’s chance events?

Everything I say and do will be held against me at the first opportunity to do so.

Breakfast?  Usually, me making breakfast is appreciated.  Not today.  Heaven help me, I mentioned the uneaten sausage and cheese sandwich after lunchtime (which was foodless.)  OMG…you would have thought I had proposed an enema…in public.

I asked about dinner…and after Dissertation Number One, in which I was found guilty, it was decided that yes, dinner was approved.

Ha.  I should have realized it was a trap.

I reminded this person about the uneaten dinner.  For this, we got Dissertation Number Two, in which, of course, I was found guilty of a second offense.

Isn’t that saying something about how with three strikes you are out?

I made the mistake of saying something along the lines about how obviously I was better off keeping my mouth shut today.

Dissertation Number Three was then delivered and guess what?

Yep, I was guilty.

Then there was the phone call, from a young person biologically connected to me.  We’re going to leave the names out here…

I received Dissertation Number Four.  I was not only guilty, but I was not very damned smart either.

By this point, it was obvious.  I was out numbered, out gunned, and out witted.    Being shot at dawn would almost be a relief at this point, but no…that’s an easy out.  I have decades of this ahead of me, in which I become progressively less competent and intelligent.

But the reality is…even when my day may really and truly STINK to high heaven…it’s still MY day.  I may not be able to control everyone else’s reactions to what I say or do, but I can control MY reactions to their reaction.

What does that mean?

It means…I’m still in control of myself.  Just because they want to get nasty and ride the high horse…I don’t have to get on my own high horse and go right along with their ride.  It’s THEIR ride.  I can choose, all because of that wonderful thing called free will.

So even when the world takes a dump and rains on our parade, we don’t have to let it get the best of us.  Besides, there is something truly satisfying about looking at someone who is shrieking at you and smiling and saying, “okay, I’m okay with that and I’m okay with how you are feeling, and I feel GOOD, how do YOU feel right now?”

Yeah, I know.  It’s plain evil, isn’t it?

Sorry…it’s the nature of the human race, I guess.  One thing about it, a bit of humor seasons just about anything to make it palatable.  Try it.  Laughter and a joke can smooth over the Himalayan mountains in terms of life’s events.  Granted, they don’t disappear…but it makes them a LOT easier to navigate.  That’s what its all about isn’t it?  We’re all spiritual beings here having a physical experience, but that doesn’t mean we have to let it get the best of us.  Let it go.

It doesn’t really matter, does it?  So what if they are right?  If you are feeling bad, you are the one that is letting you feel bad.  You have the power to choose your reaction, even when the day just plain stinks.  So take your power back, and feel the way you want to feel.   Own your emotions and reactions, you don’t have to own the bullshit of life, unless you are needing some fertilizer.   Smile and laugh, you’ll feel a lot better than you will after beating yourself up over not meeting someone else’s expectations!


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