Birthday…and my new Keens!

23 Apr

I’m ecstatic…and so completely thrilled with that I could sing.  My new shoes arrived today, after the order was placed on Monday evening.  That is fast service–it’s only Wednesday!

Keen shoes in box

Keen shoes in box

I opened the box…and inside was the other box.  The excitement builds…

Keen Voyageurs in box

Keen Voyageurs in box

There was only one thing to do…

Put them on and see if they met up with my high hopes.

So I did.

And guess what?

They fit like a glove, and I’ve now worn them for 3 days…and I still like them.  They are hot, my feet do complain about excessive warmth, but since I live on the Gulf Coast and it’s now starting to move from spring to summer…my feet are going to complain about everything.  The rest of me is too.  But I’m happy.

Have I seen miraculous relief of pain in knees and hips?  Hmm not a miraculous level, but I suspect that there is SOME reduction in the overall aching legs.  These shoes aren’t as “cushy” as some I’ve had, but they do provide excellent foot support, don’t slither around and eat my socks, and don’t scrunch my toes.  I think I love them, even if they do qualify as the ugliest shoes I’ve ever coveted.  I don’t care about cute, and I don’t care if they are as square as the box they came in…they are COMFORTABLE even at the end of the day.

All in all, I’m going to have to think ultra nice thoughts about my sister for days and days and days.  She is the person that sent my first pair of Keens, which I eventually fell totally in love with.  She also sent me a pair of Keen sandals, which I also adore.  She’s the reason I’m wearing this pair too–she recommended both Zappos AND Keens Voyageurs to me.  Little sisters can be a source of irritation, even long after they grew up to be taller than you are, but she’s done me a huge favor on this one.  So…gotta think those nice thoughts, right?

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