The box arrives…

20 Apr

I’m ecstatic…and so completely thrilled with that I could sing.  My new shoes arrived today, after the order was placed on Monday evening.  That is fast service–it’s only Wednesday!

Keen shoes in box

Keen shoes in box

I opened the box…and inside was the other box.  The excitement builds…

Keen Voyageurs

Keen Voyageurs in size 10...the big feet thing!

Finally, they were here.  Quicker than I expected, but oh, the anticipation.  Had I guessed right that these shoes, like my old Keen clogs…would need to be size 10 to fit my feet?  Would I like them?

Of course, they didn’t stay in the box.  I dug socks out, slid my feet into them…and on went the shoes.  I have such high hopes and great expectations of these shoes…like about 18 months of good service and wear, reduced pain and discomfort, and incredible comfort whether I’m riding a bike, walking in the store, or strolling along the beach.

So far, they are good.  There is some snugness on the instep, and I may need to loosen the laces a bit.  They feel stiff–a common complaint about new shoes of any kind.  There is NO pressure on my finicky big toe on the right foot–a huge part of the reason Keen shoes were so high on my wish list–Keens are known for having a good sized toe box.

They do make my feet look massive, but…I turned 50 yesterday.  Better that people think my feet are massive rather than my butt anyhow, right?  COMFORT is the key here, I am tired of shoes that aggravate old feet.

So why did I insist on buying from Zappos rather than taking more risk and saving some money and buying via Ebay or some  other store?  Zappos has a reputation with people I know and trust–they’ve bought from Zappos and never have had any complaints about their service or how they handle returns.  It’s a bit scary to buy shoes online, but Keens aren’t carried at Payless Shoes…I’m not sure who or if even any local retailers carry these shoes.  There was a strong possibility that I would have to send these shoes back for another size or a different model.  I wanted to be secure in the knowledge that if it was necessary, it would be a simple process.  They have free shipping both ways…and even if it’s not necessary, I feel better knowing its there.  More than anything, the important factor for me was that friends and family had bought from them previously without any complaints or problems.  To me, that was worth paying a bit more for.  Guarantees from other companies didn’t have that same vote of confidence from people I knew, so as far as I knew…their guarantee could be a very empty promise.

So, today, I’m thrilled.  Its been a good day, and I’m on my first cup of coffee still!


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