Birthday party

17 Apr

This week is my birthday.  I won’t actually celebrate on my birthday, mostly because I have a radio show set up for that evening–it’s a Tuesday.  I enjoy hosting the program, so it’s not a big deal.  It’s also the first time it’s actually been my birthday the day of the show.

By nature, I’d have probably opted for something low key, like GM & I heading off for a camping trip on our own.  But…this year is the big FIVE OH for me, even if I often make jokes about how I’m about to turn 29.  My daughter is going to be 29 this year, I guess its biologically improbable that I’d have a daughter less than 9 months younger than I am.  Also, I look too damned old to be 29 anymore!

I don’t know how that happened.  I do a double take every time I look in the mirror, wondering how on earth my mother got in it.  It’s frightening.  I don’t realize how old I am except when I go to do something, and the bones and muscles file complaints and ask for an injunction before the act is completed.  It’s totally NOT fair.  My brain is just now maturing, but my body is falling apart.  Where is the logic in all of this?

But anyhow…my daughter, who just moved into a new house and hasn’t hosted a party yet…wanted to host the birthday party.  I agreed, since I knew she’d love it…and I was unlikely to host one of any kind unless it was  a bring-yer-own-fishin-pole kind of party.  I don’t think I’ve hosted a party per se since I became an empty nester.  At least not the planned kind of party.

There is great mystery.  I’m not to arrive too early (unlikely–GM hates mornings and they live an hour away.)  I have no idea what she is serving other than my requested cake, a Rembrandt’s Torte, is not making an appearance.  I’m horribly disappointed in that, but she’s promising its even better.

She’s an excellent cook and baker, and particularly gifted with decorating.  I’d even given her my decorating supplies–I’m unlikely to be bothered, and she would love using them.  We’re at such different phases of life.  I’m much more interested in sized down and simplified things these days, where once upon a time I bought everything in bulk and wanted leftovers after serving six servings.  I enjoy cooking for a crowd, but I don’t enjoy eating the same thing all week!

A lot of mystery, and the great unknown.  I hope she’s not disappointed when I show up in jeans though.  Maybe I should hunt up a dress or skirt…then my brain says, look, you’ve got to load a couple of dogs and drive for an hour, and you are going to want to hang out with one small but beautiful little girl and watch her drool on her own chin for the afternoon…who wants to worry about clothes.

Besides, I read an article yesterday from Scientific American about how creative people are eccentric and odd and never quite do the expected thing in the expected way.  I should celebrate my eccentric and creative nature tomorrow by showing up dressed comfortably and utterly oddly, right?  I also live in the South, where women of my age are allowed to be eccentric at this point in life, with large ugly hats and utterly practical shoes, and a total disregard for fashion.

She’d kill me if I showed up wearing a bed sheet tomorrow, though.  It would be easy to wear…

Even at my age, I can’t face the idea of her horrified look.  I can cope with strangers staring, I’m used to that.  I can cope with her rolling eyes, I’ve had decades of that too.  But utter horror?  Nah…that’s going overboard even in my book of how to aggravate.  I’m saving it for when the baby is two or three, and we’ll decide to do hand dipped chocolates in her kitchen one day…

Roll out cookie dough…and make pies too

Flour…which reminds me, have  you ever seen what a bit of dough looks like after a toddler’s grubby hands have handled it for a while?

Sort of gray.

Suspiciously gray.

Nobody wants to eat it gray.

Yeah, that’s the ticket…

In the meantime, I’ll get to be fashionably late for my own party, wearing jeans and a comfy shirt…

And I didn’t have to do the cooking and cleaning.  Or the planning.  Woo hoo!

So until I return…which is likely to be Monday…you should mark on your calendar to come listen to the program I set up to do on my birthday.  I wanted serious fun factor even on a serious show, so we’re doing a panel on the Women of Ufology.  Tuesdays, from 7-9 pm Central.  (

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