Trump for president?

10 Apr

Donald Trump has stood up and waved his birth certificate like a red flag to President Obama, but still…there’s been no response to lay this long winded controversy to rest.  Obama’s failure to respond and produce an official, certified copy has begun to cast ever deepening shadows on his administration, and while an incumbent always has an advantage…I’m less confident that Obama could…or maybe even should…win re-election.

It’s looking a whole lot like Donald Trump is going to join the race too.  I find that very interesting, as the Republicans really didn’t have a good candidate to put up against Obama and the Democratic Party.  The Conservatives of the USA might find Sarah Palin acceptable, but I wasn’t thrilled with her, nor was any of my inner circle.  She’s a bad combination of ditzy soccer mom and blonde, I guess, and heavily seasoned with pit bull and ultra-conservatism to boot.

Donald Trump has some things going for him, even if I’ve never been a Donald Trump fan.  Personally, I think his barber should be marched out of town, tarred and feathered.  I’ve wanted to confiscate his hair spray for years.  He’s always personified the pompous prick in my mind, but guess what?

I think he just might do a good job in office.


I can’t believe I just said that.  Me.  The person that in her entire life, has NEVER voted FOR any presidential candidate, only choosing to vote against the bigger devil.  I also know that popular vote is meaningless in terms of presidential elections–it boils down to the electoral college, which DOES NOT have to shadow popular vote.  That was a system set in place by the original “fathers of our country” since they didn’t believe the “Average Joe” citizen was capable of making that decision.  Average Jane wasn’t even considered, since women didn’t get the right to vote until the 20th century.

But maybe, just maybe, we should ignore the hype, the internet advertising, and all of the campaigning hoopla for a bit and pay attention to qualifications.  Pretend, just for once, that you are hiring a candidate for a job, and think about the things this country needs in a president.  Look ONLY at their qualifications, and you’ll get a different view of candidates, I suspect.

  1. An official, state issued certified copy of a birth certificate proving he or she is a natural born citizen and willingness to provide it for public perusal.  This qualification is laid out in the Constitution, and it is definitely a requirement to prove that you are in fact a natural born citizen.  Refusing to produce it, whether it was shown to anyone pre-campaign or not, is an excellent way to cast doubts on your origins and allegiances.  Unfortunately, no official has ever said that yes, they vetted Obama prior to his inauguration either, such as the Supreme Court.  Maybe in the future, that should become a regular requirement, showing that birth certificate to the Supreme Court to prove that one is in fact in possession of that primary requirement.
  2. Previous experience at dealing with international diplomacy, banking, and/or business.  Any candidate to lead a country should have experience at dealing with international clients, customers, or their peers.  Lacking this experience could make some of the official duties of the president very difficult with their lack of knowledge of standard protocols, etc.
  3. Previous experience at dealing with interstate commerce, banking, transportation, laws, etc. The leader of this country should have some experience at dealing with the intracacies of doing business of various kinds across state lines, after all, he or she is intending to lead the masses forward through the following four years and represents everyone.
  4. Previous experience at managing a large corporation or government agency. Face it, our government is HUGE, we have offices of various kinds in all fifty states, the territories, and most countries of the world.  We have the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force too.  There’s the Coast Guard, and a bunch of agencies with letters from alphabet soup as well.  The president is their leader, and in a sense, ultimately their “boss”.  He or she needs to have a clue how to manage such a large tentacled creature before taking office and have demonstrated their ability to lead effectively.
  5. Legal and/or legislative experience.  A candidate who is successful will be dealing with the Congress, Supreme Court, states, territories, other countries, treaties, and agreements of many kinds.  Therefore, it is logical that a candidate have a basic familiarity with how laws are worded and the process they go through prior to becoming law.  He or she should also know the things that are allowed…and aren’t allowed too, so there should also be some experience with these facets of the government.
  6. A firm grasp of the documents which created this nation, including the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  A successful candidate cannot uphold these things if he or she isn’t completely familiar with the documents themselves, making this an absolute requirement.  Maybe we should take a look at their school records, and see what kinds of grades they got in civics, American Government, and classes about the Constitution just to ensure that they do in fact have an idea what they are SUPPOSED to be doing?
  7. The ability to give public presentations effectively.  Since a president has to give a lot of speeches and perform other public functions, it would be nice to ensure they have a grasp of the English language and the ability to give a coherent speech.  While they don’t have to be eloquent speakers, they should not make people start looking for the nearest sharp object with which to stab out their eardrums either, nor should they produce excessive material for comedians and cartoonists in their speeches.  It helps if their voice isn’t grating, high pitched, whiny, or otherwise unpleasant in nature for the listeners.
  8. Must have the ability to choose, manage, delegate responsibilities and duties effectively to their staff. No president can do it all and know it all, that’s why they have a Cabinet.  A good candidate will have a proven track record at being effective at hiring and firing staff members, ensuring that they are competent in their assigned duties, inspiring loyalty, detecting deceit and dereliction of duties, taking ultimate responsibility for their staff’s actions, and otherwise managing their immediate staff members and managers.  This is critical, as a president is in a high stress job with many facets, and frequent changes in his staff are unsettling in every quarter.   A president needs to be able to count on his immediate subordinates to provide him or her with accurate and complete information with complete transparency, and to follow his or her direction to the letter.  This isn’t a magical process that happens overnight, and a past history at managing staff effectively is critical.

With these basic requirements, consider the two apparent candidates we are looking at for the next election.  That’s only EIGHT basic requirements, not a lot.  Many jobs require more.  This one doesn’t have stated years of experience, specific educational experience, etc. either.  No religion requirements, no race requirements, no gender ones either.  None of that matters, really.  We need someone who can actually do the job effectively, leading the country into the next four years with confidence and unity, not with distrust and division.

Who do you think meets these requirements better, Donald Trump or Barack Obama?

Even after four years in office, Obama’s qualifications and track record aren’t exactly in Trump’s league.  Even if Trump isn’t exactly America’s golden haired sweetheart, he has a reputation that would stand him in good stead as both a candidate and a president.  I’m not sure exactly where Trump is on a lot of issues, but the reality is…issues get compromised when they are in office, and promises get forgotten. I suspect that where Obama has created ever deepening divisions in the country, Trump may have the ability to bring those divisions back together because of his ability to compromise and create a cohesive whole, a process that is a necessity in the business world.  On numerous issues where there should have been reasonable compromise, Obama’s leadership has resulted in a stalemate as those divisions created impenetrable barriers rather than merely a hurdle to be overcome.  Most recently, we’re seeing it in the budget department.

The reality is that everyone in Congress has basically the same agenda…or should have the same one.  They want what is best for this nation. Their vision of how to get there might differ, but the goal is the same goal!  We’ve seen it in the grumbling over the health care bill too, and it shouldn’t be like that–everyone wants a solution to the growing health care problem, but enough time was not given into creating compromises that were constitutional and acceptable to everyone.  Instead of a solution, we now have a new problem in addition to the original one.

It will be interesting to see the next year play out, as the field of candidates announce themselves and begin campaigning.  In the meantime, I suspect that Trump is a strong GOP candidate–he has the charisma, he’s a household name, and he has a set of qualifications that will be hard to beat.   Obama, as an incumbent and the Democratic candidate, has some things in his favor, but I’m not certain that his playing the race card is going to be as effective and his current polls indicate a wavering of popularity in all sectors.  Add in the current suspicion of government, the shadows of his own secrecy, the failure of recovery in our economy, etc., and his incumbent status may not be enough to get him elected.


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