Republicans, birthers, teabaggers, Obama, and 2012

9 Apr

I read somewhere that Obama has officially announced he’s running for president again in 2012.  Great.  I hope he loses this time.

I hear a collective gasp out there, and fingers raised to point that all purpose “You are a RACIST” accusation at me.

Ha, you are wrong.  I’d have been thrilled if he’d done a good job leading our country through hard times.  Instead, he’s divided the nation in every single way he could: religion, race, political party, economic status, and educational level.  To make it even worse, he’s not doing a good job at international relations or even keeping his own promises.

The frosting on the cake?

It’s that silly birth certificate.

Why is it silly?

First of all, I can’t imagine that the Democratic Party didn’t vet him to ensure he was a legal candidate, so he had to have had one and proved he was born in the USA.  So we’ll go with the concept that it does exist and he was born in the USA.  Or was he?

It is conceivable that he did, in fact, believe himself to have been born in Hawaii, only to discover afterwards…he had been born elsewhere.  That would provide ample excuse for hiding it now.  He wouldn’t have been the first baby to be born somewhere other than where their birth certificate was issued, usually as the result of a court order somewhere about something.

So if he is hiding where he was born, what could that court order be hiding?  What else could he be afraid of the public finding out, something that is even worse than enduring the perpetual haranguing about producing his birth certificate?  It’s already come out that the marriage between his parents wasn’t exactly what it seemed, since his mother and his father weren’t usually in the same place and his father had another wife in Kenya already…and what’s the big deal about that?  There are a lot of Americans with peculiarities performed by their parents in terms of relationships.  We already know he was primarily raised by his grandparents in Hawaii, which doesn’t paint a happy family picture either.  So that’s public knowledge.  What else could it be?  Why is Obama refusing to answer to the challenges about his birth?

It isn’t going away either, especially since Donald Trump has taken up the cause.  I don’t think Donald Trump is being racist about it either.  There is a question that the president refuses to answer, to be made accountable to answer, and Donald Trump is echoing what more and more Americans are wondering themselves these days.

Why in the sam hell won’t he show the thing and put this controversy to rest?

There is only one answer.  Obama’s given it himself in many a speech.  The only people who have secrets are the ones who have something to hide.

I’ve had to produce my birth certificate on numerous occasions.  Most of us have had to.  I keep an official certified copy on hand.  You also have to have it in order to get a passport, which presumably, the President of the United States does possess.  Or is a President exempt from the requirement?  Surely he has a certified copy of his birth certificate, there are many reasons why a person has to produce it on occasion.  I’ve known people to even pay a fee to have their certified copy expedited because they needed it in a hurry.  Surely our president can afford these fees to get himself a copy?  (He still gets paid, even if the Federal Government shuts down due to the lack of a budget.  His check won’t even be late, isn’t that nice?  Soldiers, however, don’t enjoy that same luxury.)

I applaud Trump, actually.  He’s standing up and saying, I’m showing you mine, you show me yours…and Obama hasn’t responded.  That’s interesting in itself.  It doesn’t make me comfortable, however.  I’m now more worried than ever about Obama’s legal status and what discovering that he was in fact born outside of the USA would mean to the country and its citizens.  I don’t think that kind of scandal would help us at all.  I think it would be incredibly damaging to the United States, both here and abroad.  I think it would have ramifications that we’ve not even been able to think about yet.  I feel like saying “Say it ain’t so, Mr. President…say it ain’t so.”

Looking ahead, I hope Trump runs for president.  I feel comfortable with the idea of him moving into the White House.  I can imagine him streamlining the government, and telling a few people who have overstayed their welcome “You’re fired!”  He knows how to manage a large conglomerate with many facets.  He knows business and he knows people.

Funny thing is…I’ve never been a Donald Trump fan.  For years, I’ve wanted to take away his hair spray and take him to a barber shop for a new “do”.  That look was fine in 1979, but it needed to go a couple of decades ago.  I perceived him as cold, I disliked what I saw of his reality show, I wearied of his photo appearing in magazines with the woman of the week on his arm.  In my mind, he qualified as the “Ultimate Asshole” and he just annoyed me.  He reminded me of many local cocksure creeps I’d encountered over the years.

Maybe that wasn’t fair, but that’s the truth.  But a lot of the characteristics I’d perceived him as possessing over the years that made me regard him with suspicion and dislike are the same characteristics we need today in that Oval Office.  For the first time in my life, I may actually vote FOR a candidate rather than AGAINST a candidate.  My grandmother, a die hard Democrat who advised me in my youth to ALWAYS vote straight party ticket…would roll over in her grave in horror.

I’d have to register as a Republican to vote for him in the primary.  I’d have to vote Republican in the election too.  I would do that in a heartbeat if Trump were to run.  Why?

Because I believe he can do the job.  Period.

What do I think about Obama being re elected?  I think we’re in for more of the same: uncertainty, distrust, division, and looming bankruptcy.  America has lost hope in the candidate that represented hope and change just a few short years ago.  Instead, he’s become a figurehead riding the wave of controversy, distrust, conspiracies, and betrayals.  The transparency he promised has vanished as he plays a game of blowing smoke and ignoring the birthers’ repeated requests to produce the birth certificate and be done with it.  Many of us that couldn’t believe he wasn’t a natural born American have started to question it now, because what else could he be hiding with that steadfast refusal to produce his birth certificate, a piece of paper that most of us produce numerous times in our lives?  Whoopi Goldberg, of whom I’ve always been a fan, stated that no white president has ever been asked to produce the birth certificate.  (On The View, when Donald Trump made his comments about Obama and the birth certificate.)  I don’t know if she’s right or not, but a heck of a lot of white and black and brown people have been asked to produce it that weren’t the president, so why should he be exempt from that?

In some cases, perhaps the nitpicking is about race with Obama.  Personally, I don’t care.  Good and bad people come in all colors, sizes and shapes, and race doesn’t mean diddly to me in that regard.  I resent the fact that there is a shadow cast on a president that he could easily lay to rest, and yet continues to avoid responding to it.  I resent the rumors that indicate that both President Obama and his wife have had records from their school years sealed from public view.  Secrecy is only important when you have something to hide.  Yet Obama continues to maintain this aura of secrecy about himself and his wife, creating doubt when none should exist.  What are they hiding, a failing grade in civics or something bigger?

If President Obama cannot create a cooperative Congress capable of passing even an annual budget, how can we dream that he’s going to keep this nation together as divisions keep splitting us further apart?  If he can’t show us a single piece of paper laying to rest a controversy that has plagued him from his election forward…how can we dream of transparency and accountability of our government?

So, Mr. Trump, if you are listening out there, since you have shown us yours (birth certificate) we’re willing to show you ours (support for the presidential race).  Maybe you better get your ducks in a row for a 4 year leave of absence from the Board…to run a formerly great country known as the United States of America.  Just don’t pick Sarah Palin as your running mate, please.  It’s pretty tough to fire your vice president even for gross idiocy and foot-in-mouth disease.


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