Just who do you think you are?

8 Apr

We all have a self image.  We all also have public images.  Those public images may not have a lot to do with who we really are, or so we think.  So just who do you really think you are?

Does it matter?  Do these public images matter?

Don’t you hate it when you get one of those “it depends” answers.  But, sometimes that is true.  It depends on a number of factors.  Obviously, if you are a public figure, your public image matters a lot.  But what is a public figure really?

That’s someone whose livelihood depends on public opinion.  Essentially, it could be any of us, because to a degree, all of us depend on the views of others.  You wonder how?  Jobs, customers, friends, family…all of them have an opinion, and we can deny it matters until we’re blue in the face…but it does matter.  We all have to sell ourselves at some point, unless we inherited vast sums of money that allow us to act like absolute asses all the time.  I don’t know anyone who has that luxury myself.

So who do you think you are?  Have you thought about it lately?  Did you think about it before you made that snide remark on Facebook?  How about that catty tweet that ventured out into the world via Twitter?  That nasty phone call  you made to your friend last week, with all of those accusations that you actually knew had no merit, that too…affected your public image.

We don’t need Big Brother watching us anymore.  We’ve grown up now, and we tell on ourselves when we act the fool, forever shaping the public image we project outward in hopes of people liking us.  We do it all of the time, completely unaware of the things we say and do affecting our lives forever, as those nasty comments come back to haunt us during a pre-job investigation or we need a reference from someone.

Do you think they forget?  Do you think the internet forgets?  Do you think it can’t be found?

Not only do people remember a long time, the internet seems to have an indefinite memory.  That photo, that comment, that review, that posting…will all stay there as if it was etched into stone…forever.

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