Daylight savings time is STUPID

13 Mar

Okay, I’m cranky.  I’ll admit it.  I’ve also had a bad case of insomnia and I’m awake to see the sun rise.  That also doesn’t improve my mood.

What makes it even worse is that courtesy of daylight savings time, it is now nearly 8 am.

What in the world possessed the idiot who came up with this idiotic idea?

It is no different than saying, wow, my blanket is too short, so I’ll cut off the bottom foot and just sew it here on the top, and then it will be long enough.

It’s still the same blanket, fool!

Why these changes twice a year happen is beyond me.  If you want to change the danged time zone, just change the time zone.  Create your illusion and keep it.  Quit disturbing the rest of the world with the delusions that we’re saving a danged thing!

Daylight isn’t like pennies.  You can’t put them in a jar and save them for later.  We get them when we get them, and when day is done, the sun sets in the west.  That’s the way its been for eons and hopefully, it will stay that way.  I’m not ready for the end of the world anyhow.

Just this idiocy about saving daylight is making me crazy.  If I ever move back to Arizona, it will be just to avoid this crap.  I hate “daylight savings time” or else I hate the idea of “standard time.”  Just pick one or the other and be done with it.  We’re not saving anything, we’re not getting ahead of time, time moves the way a river does…just down stream.  Unlike a river, we can’t dam time and make a reservoir either.  Maybe some brilliant mind will figure out how  to do that some day, but in the mean time…quit messing with my internal clock.

I don’t think Mother Nature likes that anyhow.

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