Ugh, yuck, grrrr and double groan…

20 Jan

I often have trouble sleeping due to issues with pain.  It annoys me, disrupts me pretending to be “normal” and leaves me off stride the next day.  This morning, however, it was somehow all worse.

I feel like I got run over by a truck.

I had the flu a couple of weeks ago, and seemed to be entirely recovered, yet this morning found my head stuffy, my throat irritated, and my head aching worse than yesterday.  My back was aching just to make things more interesting, and part of me wonders if the headache & backache are related to the mechanical traction I had yesterday during physical therapy.  That makes the spike in the back of my neck twist as I think about it.

Not to say that it was really painful or particularly unpleasant.  I found the part of the machine that gripped my head to be the most uncomfortable part, as it was right against where the knotted muscles have created these lovely knots on the back of my head.  When the therapist applied the tension by hand, it had almost immediately offered some relief on the headache, but the machine didn’t.  I tried to talk the therapist into coming home and just holding my head and neck for me to take a nice long luxurious  nap, but she wasn’t too interested.

She probably heard about the pay rate.

We were going to take a long bike ride today, to get some parts for the van.  I haven’t ordered new handle bars for my bike yet, something I really need.  I ride a mountain bike, and even though it is much more upright than a “road bike”, it still has me leaning forward too much, something apparently overlooked by the doctor and therapists when I asked whether it was a safe activity.  While I apparently cannot do MORE damage, I can be quite uncomfortable, and that takes away the pleasure of the ride entirely.  It’s also MUCH slower, as I have to stop and wait for my hand and arm to regain feeling about every mile.  I’ve found that it takes almost exactly twice as long as it should to get anywhere.

I feel like crud, I overslept this morning, and I’m not sure that I am going to do the 8 mile ride today.  I might just opt for a shorter ride just for GP, but I honestly don’t think me riding the 8 mile round trip is going to happen today.  Now I’m trying to figure out whether I have legitimate reasons for opting out, or if its an excuse situation.

I suspect its a  bit of both.  The discomfort isn’t fatal, but it does increase the dread factor.  Knowing that its not going to be pleasant to sit after I get home isn’t helping either.

Gloomy skies, threats of rain, time factor, and discomfort are all coming together.  I know that I can let GM go on his own, and he’ll be home in less than 2 hours.  If I go, it will be at least 4 hours before its done.  It’s always four hours when I go.  There is some magical time warp when I go, which probably has to do more with my frequent stops than it does anything else.

With that said, I’ve admitted to my guilt of excuse-making, and now I can just let it go and focus on the things I want to accomplish at home, right?



2 Responses to “Ugh, yuck, grrrr and double groan…”

  1. bobby January 31, 2011 at 1:36 am #

    from here –

    these –

    I have a pair and they are wonderful! Truthfully, I found that they feel best if tilted back towards me so my wrists are over them when using the bars normally. A bout with Lyme disease has left my joints & muscles ‘other than normal’, shall we say. These help, a lot. YMMV, TANAATS, YADDA, YADDA.. 😉

    p.s. a 1975 19′ (gutted & customized) LilHobo is home for me & kitty.. an 11 year old Maine Coon cat. and sometimes a ’64’ SuperHawk.. 😉

    • giascott February 1, 2011 at 8:52 am #

      I’m not sure about those handlebar thingies at all–they look pretty different to anything I’ve ever used! I have ordered the new handlebars, which are supposed to be pretty good for changing the riding position to a more comfortable and laid back upright position. They are a mid-rise ‘cruiser’ style. We’ll see how it works on a full suspension mountain bike!

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