Did we really come from apes?

19 Jan

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution works for almost all species.  We have seen a lot of evidence to support it.  The progression of the horse to it’s earliest ancestors is one such example that definitely fits the theory.

But there is a reason why it is still called Darwin’s THEORY of evolution.

There are some things that don’t fit the model.  What are the things that don’t?

You.  Me.  Even your hairy ex-brother in law.

Do you really buy the idea that all of mankind originated in southern Africa and migrated throughout the globe?  Even as we find new evidence suggesting that Neanderthal man didn’t die out, but rather was simultaneously out-maneuvered and interbred with modern man’s ancestors, and now, the new evidence of yet another species of man has been found in the Middle East?

For a lot of people, even the idea that all of the indigenous peoples of the Americas descended from Asians who crossed the land bridge from Siberia to Alaska was a big jump.  Add in early accounts of native peoples in villages that had not encountered people of European descent, and yet they had blond or red headed members of their tribe, and more questions raise the mark.  Indigenous peoples of the Americas are commonly regarded as having been technologically outclassed by their European invaders, leading to their massive losses by war, disease, massacres, and slavery.  Was it technology that made the difference for the native people facing these strange invaders, or was it something else?

Erich von Daniken long ago pointed out evidence to support the idea that the ancient civilizations had had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.  There are legends in many cultures that talk of people who came from the sky, usually in godlike positions, and then accomplished many amazing things, teaching the native residents a number of things of a medical, technical, and spiritual nature.  There was even a very ancient Chinese emperor who was said to have had a flying machine that allowed him to travel vast distances, and when he came to the end of his rule, he didn’t merely die, but rather got into his machine and flew away.

Several people have suggested that humans are a species with amnesia, that we’ve not reached the pinnacle of our climb to technological perfection, but rather we’re on one of many journeys that have always previously been ended by some cataclysmic event.  What kind of cataclysm could be so profound, so complete, that man would be thrown back to the stone age?

Going even further back, where did we really come from?

It has been suggested that humans resemble what could be described as arrested ape development.  I’m not so sure I buy that idea–I’m not qualified to judge the similarities between us and apes on any level beyond the obvious.  In watching an ape move, I don’t really see much of a resemblance in apes to modern man.  We just are not engineered in the same way at all.  I’d be more inclined to say that apes are man-like than to say humans are ape-like.

The other fact that makes me question whether we descended from apes is that if apes are our ancestors, why do they still exist?  The ancestors of most modern animals are long gone.  We’re told that the dog, the bear, and the raccoon descend from a common ancestor, but their ancestors don’t still walk this planet.  That primitive mammal is long gone, and there are no living animals with a close resemblance to the original anymore…only its descendants live on today.  Why would our ancestor have lived on, remaining an ape, while we became humans.

Unless…we did not descend directly from apes, but rather were the result of something else.  Like what?

Christians are going to go directly to their Bible, informing us that we are the result of God’s creation.  What if this creator wasn’t really God, but an agent standing in His stead, not unlike how man stands in God’s stead often today.  An advanced human-like extraterrestrial with the ability to create a man-like creature to do their bidding on this planet could conceivably have manipulated DNA, utilizing a combination of their own DNA with native ape DNA to create humans, entirely skipping the evolutionary process that no fossil record has managed to show us that “missing link” for.  And what if, just speculating along those terms still, they weren’t exactly sure about the process…and had some false starts along the way to creating their perfect worker, a creature of strength, endurance, creativity, and intelligence adapted to life on this planet?

Is that where these dead-end “human” species would fit in?  Is that where these anomalies of fable, legend, and fossil records would really belong?  Were the giants no more than a mistake in genetic engineering?  Is Bigfoot our hairy “Cousin It” from the test tube?

Is the current alien abduction phenomena a re-connection with the same scientific civilization that once-upon-a-time created our ancestors?

Did we really walk alongside the dinosaurs, which lived on as a racial memory of “dragons”?

Maybe my musings are no more reality than a wisp of fog lingering in a depression on the roadway.  Maybe its the product of the post-midnight hour, as I sit and listen to the wind and the trains passing by on the railroad down the road, wishing I was asleep and thinking entirely too much about the origins of man.  From the beginning of our recorded history, we have been questioning our origins, our purpose for existence, and where our civilization is going.  At the same time, we’ve had our predictions of gloom and doom, along with our own potential demise.

Are these apocalyptic fears the result of a racial memory of other near-extinction events that have dramatically reduced the world population?  Did it leave an indelible scar upon our collective consciousness that we have now labeled the legend of Atlantis?

I have to sigh, as I think about people who claim they are bored often.  I can’t imagine being bored when I have all of these questions racing around in my head!  Like I tell people, I have gotten pretty good at questions in the first half century of my life.  Will I get better at answers in the next?  Will someone start to have some answers to my questions, or are I merely doomed to be an eternal three year old with my perpetual “But, WHY?” questions?

So many questions, so few answers, and so little time to ponder them.


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