Lunar eclipse, winter solstice, Christmas, and the Dawn of Shades radio program

21 Dec

We have come up with a fun program tomorrow evening on the Dawn of Shades.  We’ve had a lot of fun programs over the past year, but hey, Christmas is special, right?  Plus, the program is the day of the Winter Solstice AND we’re having a  lunar eclipse tonight.

If you are looking for a powerful group of symbols associating with a single day, the next 24 hours is filled with them.  I figured it was a good night to try out some of Claudia Dillaire’s spells too, so we have a little thing going on with that as well.  We could definitely use some help in several facets of our lives, ranging from the van that is sitting with most of its guts removed and waiting for a tool tomorrow to help finish disassembling the engine for its head gasket replacement (that’s on day 5 tomorrow-our Chevy Venture has been a reliable vehicle, but when it needs worked on, it’s a nightmare!)  to financial and health concerns.

For the radio program, we’re doing the whole winter solstice & Christmas theme all the way.  November and I have been friends for a decade or so now, long before either of us hosted any internet radio programs or even thought of such a thing.  We are both regular women with normal (?) families and issues, and like most moms, we have a little bit of Christmas tradition and a dose of Santa in our souls.  We both also like history, so the history behind Christmas is going to come up too (remember that whole Winter Solstice thing?)

For me, I know Christmas is not the same since my son’s death.  I actually have not put up a Christmas tree or decorated for Christmas since he died, over ten years ago.  (He was ten when he died.)  It just wasn’t in me to get that excited about it anymore, I suppose.  Along with the failure to decorate, the Santas that I used to create each year for gifts and to sell have also gone by the wayside.  Without that inner joy, Santa couldn’t come to life with my saws, paints, sewing machine, and fabric either.

That sorrow will not ever go away, nor will I ever forget the joy Christmas used to be, but now…I have a new child in my life, and the joy of Christmas is beginning to return.  Granted, Little Miss Northern Lights, as my sister has dubbed her, is far too small to care about the holiday this year, but my anticipation for next year is already starting.  Next year, she’ll be over a year old, and all the wonder and amazement at the lights, decorations, paper, and mystery will begin.  I have to confess, I’m already concentrating on next year’s event.  This year might be a bit anti-climatic, as Little Miss Northern Lights decided to arrive so early (She was supposed to barely make it before the solstice, and she’s already 2 months old.)  But next year.

Next  year, its going to be over the top with baby themed Christmas.

Now with each phase of my life, I’ve had to learn new things, new knowledge sets, new skills.  I’ve become a grandmother now, and its still quite amazing.  (And of course there has never been a more beautiful or amazing child than that Little Miss Northern Lights!)  I went shopping with her and her mother yesterday, and got to cart the little darling around with me.  She has a set of lungs and the most amazingly high pitched scream I’ve ever heard.  Of course it’s not annoying and I don’t know what her parents are complaining about, after all, the child is aspiring to become an opera singer and needs good lungs, right?  (Okay, so her parents aren’t buying it either.)  As I bundled her inside of my jacket to snug her against my chest and stop the screaming that had people staring at us, I began to regain some lost memories of when her mother was that age…and the realization that I had a carrier and I literally wore her for several months sunk in.  I can’t recall exactly why I wore that carrier with her tucked in it for so long, but I suspect the part that is still blocked out might be the sound of an infant’s screams.

I suggested to her mother that she look for a  carrier that snugs her up against her chest in that position, as Mom is already looking tired, thin, and very stressed.  Life is much easier when the baby isn’t screaming AND you can do something besides holding her.

So come listen, add your two cents, maybe even learn something new about traditions, Christmas and Winter Solstice that you didn’t know before.  We’re sure to have some fun!


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