Wikileaks-terrorist organization or grassroots information organization?

16 Dec

We have people and politicians labeling Wikileaks as a terrorist organization and Julian Assange being called a terrorist himself.  It’s making me wonder.

What is a terrorist to the United States government?

I always used to think that a terrorist was a person or persons who advocated the use of violence to intimidate the public.  Is Wikileaks using a form of cyber-violence?  Are they trying to intimidate the public?

I don’t think so.

To me, it appears that they are directly attacking a government that is using misinformation, disinformation, and downright lies to get its constituants to go along with a poicy that they would not normally agree with.

Terrorist activities apparently now include telling the truth, not just acts of violence.  I’m amazed, and more than a little horrified to realize that suddenly, if you don’t like what the government is doing and the fact they are potentially lying about it, and you try to DO anything about it…you are guilty of treason?

What is the truth anyhow?  How can we recognize it?  Can we have a truthful society with a government that isn’t hiding the facts from us?  How can we believe in a government that has a track record of hiding stuff, even very very OLD stuff, from its citizens?  (Example: Roswell crash is over 60 years old, yet there is no disclosure of what really happened over those few days that fits the evidence.)

What is the division between an information terrorist and a whistleblower?  Are they really the same thing?  The government wants us to report our neighbors for peculiar behavior, yet we cannot safely report anything about our own government’s peculiar behavior?

So very many questions, so very few answers.

I wouldn’t want to be Julian Assange right now.  I wouldn’t want to be Bradley Manning either.  There have been too many people who have publicly made statements about how they should be shot for either one to ever have a “normal” life again.

The whole Wikileaks affair is something I question.  Bradley Manning is being painted as an unstable young man, and if that is the case, why on earth was he put in a position where he would have access to secret material?

Why is it that Julian Assange is only being accused of being a sexual deviant and sex offender AFTER he has been pursued by the federal government for his connection to the leaked documents?  These accusations do not ring of authenticity to me, there has been too much delay from the supposed incidents to the charges.  If I felt I had been victimized, I’d not wait around thinking about it before I took action!

The whole barrel is reeking, there is a rotten apple somewhere.  Where is it though?

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  1. Women's Intellect December 16, 2010 at 12:32 am #

    Women’s Intellect- All Sizes, Shapes, and Colors!!

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