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14 Dec

Tonight is Tuesday, and that means another episode of the Dawn of Shades.  John Edmond, a man of many hats, is joining me and we’re taking a look at all of the whistleblowing activities and accompanying conspiracies tonight,  with a speculative twist.  What is REALLY happening?  What is really going on?  Does Wikileaks really matter in the overall picture or is it merely a distraction for something else?  How could a low ranking soldier have access to top secret material?  How could it actually be leaked?  Was this leak allowed to happen for some ulterior motive?

Americans are losing trust in the government, in the press, in the media in general.  What does this mean for the United States?  Are we heading down the totalitarian path?  Prosecuting whistleblowers is one step in that direction, following prosecution of reporters who don’t divulge their sources is another.  Are we on the verge of losing the right to free speech?  Is our free speech turning into free speech when it agrees with governmental policies?

Our world is changing, and it has been changing fast ever since the birth of the internet.  No longer can we be told what people in country x are like…we can talk to people in country x.  The world interacts in real time, with real people.  Information can be globally accessed in seconds, once its made available.  That means information on whistleblowing is also available instantly.

For the whistleblowers, there is a price.  It is starting to look like not only are their careers and finances going to be impacted severely, but their lives and freedom will be as well.  In addition, it doesn’t look healthy for the reporting party, the guy (or girl) who makes the information available to anyone who cares, and they too are subject to threats, intimidation, imprisonment, and losing their freedom too.  Is that freedom of the press?

People need to wake up and begin to realize that if they want to keep their freedom, they need to take responsibility for themselves.  They can’t have “safe food” without giving the government the authority to tell them what they can eat, how much they can eat, and how much they are going to pay for it.  They can’t have “safe travel” without being told when they can travel, how much they will pay, and being subjected to humiliating searches that are delivered in a manner designed to intimidate.  How much longer before internet service providers are also serving to censor information flows, by telling us how much, when, how fast, and what the origins of the information can be?


That’s already happened, hasn’t it?  I have a cap on my data transfer, on my speed of transfer during the evenings, and how many websites have been taken down lately after being deemed “inappropriate” or somehow a threat to national security?

None of us may like porn, child porn, hackers, spammers, etc. but guess what?

With freedom, we have to choose what we’re going to make ourselves at risk for, what we’re going to look at, how much we’re going to expose, etc.  That’s the price we have to pay to have free flow of information and communications.  If we make the internet “safe” then we’re rendering it ineffectual for use for the free flow of information.  Yes, I know that terrorists use it.  Terrorists also use commercial airlines, buses, trains, private planes, cars, trucks, vans, bicycles, telephones, postal services, etc.  Does that mean we lock down everything to stop it?

Is that too high of a price to pay?

The Dawn of Shades airs from 7-9 pm Central time via UPRN.  If you go to our website, you can find out how to listen to the live progam.

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