Claudia Dillaire, Egyptian prosperity magic spells and me

8 Dec

Tonight, I interviewed Claudia Dillaire on the Dawn of Shades.  She’s a fun guest, with a cute giggle that makes everyone want to smile.  She’s fun, and always upbeat, and that’s a great thing.  She has also written three books on various focuses of Egyptian magic and spells.  So, I thought I’d ask her for some specific spells for our particular situation that I could share with everyone else.

In our case, we want GM to find a good job and to find a piece of property that we can manage to purchase to call home.  They are very similar in some aspects, they both would fall under the concept of prosperity and abundance, but there are slightly different nuances in what the objective would be.  Claudia was generous enough to share some hints with me.

We need to focus our intent, and so for the property search and purchase, she suggested taking a picture of the things we wanted included in our prospective home and placing those on the altar.  In addition to the goal, we would need things that would symbolize the kind of help or assistance we’d want.  For this, we could burn candles, incense, and place certain herbs on the altar.  She told me that white candles could be used for any ritual, because white was symbolic of of purity.  For our goal of land, hopefully with water frontage, we’d use green and blue candles.  It also would not matter if they were solid colored or merely colored wax applied to a white candle.  Brown candles could also be used, as they signified land too.  Both yellow and orange were candles signifying success.  If we had a specific piece of property in mind, some soil from that location could be used.  Sitting here, I’m thinking that a vial of water from a desired body of water might also be a good addition.  As for the incantation, we talked about that too.  Both of us felt that an incantation supplied by Claudia was unnecessary.  The incantation is to state my intent, and obviously I could do that just fine.  Herbs such as bay leaf, basil, and rosemary would be appropriate to place on the altar or even on the photographs, drawings or even the list of attributes I want this land to possess.  For incense, sandalwood, frankincense and myrhh would be good.  Sesame seeds were also an item to consider placing on the altar because of their connection with abundance and prosperity.

For GM’s job search, we’d substitute gold or silver candles, because of the obvious connection with money.  Placing a resume, job listing, etc. on the altar, whether in paper form or electronic form such as a zip drive would be good.  Putting a bay leaf either over or under the item would also be a good idea.

Rituals for creating change in your life don’t have to be rigidly constructed and adhered to.  Magic doesn’t work that way, it’s much more subtle, less like a chemistry experiment, and more like creating a piece of artwork.  It’s part intuition, part intention, and part incantation.  It’s more important to learn the symbolism associated with various herbs, incenses, and colors than it is to learn a specific incantation.  The words only gain a magical ability when spoken or written with intent.

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