Dawn of Shades panel program about milabs, alien abductions, covert ops, and more

2 Dec

Last night’s Dawn of Shades program featured Anya Briggs, Eve Lorgen, Melinda Leslie, November Hanson and myself as we broached the topic of milabs, alien abductions, and covert ops.  I’d been addressing these subjects all month in a series of programs, and the panel program was sort of the grand finale to the series.  The whole thing came off fairly well, despite our technical challenges at bringing so many people onto the program at the same time, especially when the voices were so similar and difficult for the audience to distinguish between the speakers.  It went very well.  We could have easily filled an entire day of radio programming and still not completely covered the topic.

Earlier in the month, after Anya Briggs’ initial appearance, I’d had a night filled with what I call “high weirdness.”  I’m not sure what caused these sounds, or what the motivation would have been to have me hear these sounds, but if it was intended to intimidate or frighten me, someone didn’t do their research.  Everything I heard that night have positive associations for me, hardly a good “scare tactic.”  Maybe it wasn’t intended to scare me, but to encourage me?  Who knows!

I was curious as to whether or not more peculiar events would occur as the series progressed, especially after Anya appeared again a second time.  If I was being intimidated, it would obviously recur if I failed to heed the warning to stop addressing the subject.

Guess what?

Nothing happened.  I actually had a very good night of sleep.  No bouts of dogs having fits at unknown things outdoors, no peculiarities of audio stimuli, nothing.  The only “weird” thing to happen is that my cell phone has decided to display the “Sprint” logo upside down, and that started before last night’s program.  I’m not sure what it means to have that occur, other than I have a messed up electronic device.

Covert ops, super soldiers, military abductions, military re-abductions, alien abductions…people are actually reporting these things, and they aren’t all whackos with a need for attention either.  Many of these people are upstanding citizens that stand to lose a lot more than anyone could possibly gain from making up these stories.  These events are very real and very much a mystery.

I don’t have all the answers, I don’t even have all the information I need to formulate good questions yet.  Just like you, I’m confused by this phenomena and wondering how on earth soldiers could be abducting people right from their own homes and doing these things to them, and NO ONE knows about it except their victims!  We aren’t in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, we aren’t a totalitarian government where people can disappear and no one dares question it.   I don’t understand how there could be a secret government and no one has come forward to talk about it, despite centuries of existence.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t believe the guests that I have had on the program and consider their information to be invalid or kooky or anything like that.  What I am saying is that I’m confused, I’m being forced to question my “truths” at the most basic level.  I’m being forced to look at world events with a different eye now, trying to see a secret agenda and its tendrils through out history.

The idea that any government agency, secret or otherwise, would be abducting children and conducting ritual sexual abuse in order to create some demonic ritual to open portals to anything is so bizarre, so far “out there” that my mind chokes as it tries to look at its possibility.  The idea that this ritual sexual abuse is also used to create what will someday become one of their secret super soldiers is equally sick.

I don’t even understand how someone can have a life so secret that they don’t even realize themselves that their alter ego is conducting covert operations for this ultra secretive government. I can’t quite imagine it being myself, whether I’m assassinating someone or working on a nuclear submarine or abusing children…it’s so far “out there” that my mind can’t even wrap around the concept quite yet.

Even the demonic or satanic aspect is something I had never considered a possibility before.  I’m not sure what I think about it yet.  I guess the whole super soldier concept is mind blowing enough that I hadn’t progressed beyond it.  The idea that someone I know could potentially be one of these super soldiers makes my head spin.  I can’t even entertain the idea that I myself could potentially be involved with milabs or covert ops.

I’m not sure what I think, I obviously don’t have all of the information available or that I need to make up my own mind.  I’d rather it wasn’t true, that the Illuminati was something cooked up by conspiracy theorists that had no basis in reality.  Seriously…a secret government and people who live outside and exempt from the law?  That this secret government also has its own military, including these super soldiers that are under total mind control, that it also controls our banks, our public governments, the press, and every minute facet of our lives…those ideas are beyond the ordinary, beyond our ability to believe without question, and probably even beyond any wild suppositions I had ever entertained.  I have no mental file that can hold them.

So what do we do when we are confronted by the mere idea that super soldiers, covert ops, milabs, and the like are real and actually occurring?  Research.  Get evidence.  Get people to come out and talk about it.  Expose it.  Many things, once exposed to the light of day, cannot survive.  I hope something as bizarre as the idea that the Illuminati is real and there is a secret government pulling strings on the public government and the banking industry…and that ordinary law abiding citizens are being subjected to such horrific treatment at the hands of anyone…dies a swift death after a quick exposure…one way or another.  I don’t doubt Anya’s story, so don’t suppose that is where I’m coming from.  It’s that lack of doubt that is creating my mental conflict.

I think about fictional accounts of such things, and that was far fetched enough.  The Matrix?  Are we nothing more than plugged in biological units fulfilling some pre-programmed reality?  What is all of this?

So I guess I’ll close with the realization that I have no answers and that they won’t be arriving swiftly either.


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