Spam, spammers, and the Democrats are responsible for crappy customer service?

27 Nov


I’m not talking about the meat stuff that we all have childhood memories of, but rather the irritating assault of people trying to scam you, sell you something, or otherwise drive traffic to a particular website.  They love blogs, and keep hoping that we’ll turn off the moderation feature that WordPress offers.  Not likely.

Today alone, I had several offers regarding exposing Kendra, and none of them were g-rated exposures.  I had several where the English indicated the user was not a native speaker, and therefore had worded things very peculiarly, also complimenting me on various non-existent ideas in my blog entries.  One user wanted to drive traffic to a site selling smoked nuts (the tree kind, folks…get your mind out of that closet!)  and was “inquiring” about my opinion or whether I had bought nuts from them.  The strangest of all, the one that got the absolutely stupidest spam attempt of the week award, was the one that accused me of hating Democrats, etc., and was attached to an entry where I was discussing my experience with the Tassimo company’s customer service…and wanted to be a guest blogger for me.  Now what on earth did politics have to do with Tassimo?  Well maybe I was ranting about the general state of customer service, but I surely didn’t realize that that was the fault of the Democrats.  At least now I know who was to blame.

If you are interested in my political affiliation, I am a Conservative Liberal.

I really do question the sanity of these spammers.  They are consistently deleted, their entries never appear to the general public, and yet the same ones spam me daily with the exact same entry.  Do they hope that some day, they are going to get lucky and I am going to let their peculiar comments go through?  It’s okay to hate me or hate what I have to say, but at least make it make sense so I can leave it up for others to see.  I really DO let the comments go through when they are written in a manner that at least makes sense and doesn’t blatantly spam the page.

So I sit here and wonder…how many thousands of times a day do these spam bots hit blogs and post identical comments throughout the cyber world?  Who writes these bland and poorly worded entries?  Do they have to do the clicking or is that automated?  What is the real motivation?

Then I realize, it will all go away one more time with a single click of my all-powerful trackball and I can resume assuming the world makes sense.

Too bad I couldn’t do the delete thing with the Black Friday crowds, right?


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