Zombies, the undead, an apocolypse, and humanity

21 Nov

It isn’t new, this idea of zombies.  What’s getting to me is the popularity of these apocolyptic movies and television shows that focus on these walking zombies.  A few decades ago, there wasn’t anything like that on the agenda.  Where is this vision of horror coming from?

Imagining that great pool of unconscious thought that exists within the universal mind, I can’t help but become afraid.  Very afraid.

If it is being drawn from there, it could be real.

It if is being deposited there, it could become reality.

Knowing the typical type of apocolyptic dream or vision series that an abductee has seen, I have a basic idea of what the options are in those.  They are consistent in type.

The one is the attack of the military men.  In these, there are scenes in which men dressed in non-descript military uniforms enter a small town and begin to kill anything that moves.  Genocide in a seriously large scale program.

Another has a disease striking, and it isn’t unlike the whole zombie thing.  The difference is that zombies are the “perma-dead” who seem to go on for eternity, never dying or starving, always seeking new victims.  In the abductee dreams, these sick people are not dead or undead, but rather the crazed victims of some bacterial or virus inspired disease.  Movie zombies gang up in gangs of thousands.  Dream ones can’t…they will kill each other as easily as they will kill someone else.  Like the movie zombies, these victims aren’t particularly intelligent and their brains are steadily deteriorating, resulting in them not being aware of how to get food or water, or even that they need it.  As a result, most of these zombies are dead within a week, with almost complete eradication of them within two weeks.  The sole problem after that seems to be a few of the more resistant ones managing to survive and even thrive, ganging up in packs and hunting together like cowardly and depraved cave men.  They also, in these packs, have a profound hatred of those unaffected by the disease, and anytime they come into contact with “normal” humans, they begin to hunt a way to kill.  Obviously, the mroe intelligent humans realize this very early and begin to take action to protect themselves.

Is that the same source that provides inspiration for these zombies, both for the creation of them and the fondness for watching these programs?  Is that frequent apocolyptic sort of nightmare becoming part of the universal experience and provoking these survival and zombie programs?  Is it born from some kind of precognition, or is it more of the typical end-of-the-world stuff we’ve seen since the dawn of man?  That leads me to wondering whether it is true that thought can influence reality, and if so, what do these zombie movies really mean in the long run for humanity?

There’s a lot of gloom and doom stuff out there, in terms of various prophecies and predictions.  We are bombarded with it all across the paranormal frontier.  Earth changes, natural disasters, manmade disasters, asteroids, meteors, space aliens…you name it, it has been predicted to occur in the next few years.  Civil war, attacks from other countries, terrorist attacks, escaped man-made diseases, deliberately released man-made diseases, secret societies, secret governments, secret covert agencies…all of them have been whispered about too in the last few years.  There are numerous companies on the internet selling survival goods, and many people have the urge to stock up, ensuring their family has the basic supplies to survive a year or more on their stock, should society break down.

Scary, isn’t it?

There have been numerous prophecies/predictions of something happening that reduces the number of humans down to a skeleton crew, you might say.  Whether it is disease, wars, natural disasters, aliens, earth changes, or Bibical revenge on a global scale, imagining what it would be like to be among those struggling to find a safe haven and survive is mind-boggling.

What would you do if the lights went out tomorrow and the stores never opened?

How would you react if there was an epidemic that was killing mass numbers and there was an order for all healthy people to report to a central location? Receive a vaccine?  Take the sick to a central location?  Go to a refugee camp with the promise of food and medicine?

My impression from the limited viewing of these movies that I have had is that they are conditioning the viewers to stay at home, barricading themselves in their home and if anyone in the household becomes ill, to kill or abandon them somewhere.  That alone is rather contrary to our normal society’s conditioning to care for our sick and injured.  In these movies, it seems that the soon-t0-be-zombies always get sick and then die, only to become the walking dead and spread the sickness even more.  The only prevention for this is to a) kill them while they are still alive but very sick, b) drive a stake through their heart after they die, c) shoot them in the head or otherwise cause massive brain trauma after death or d) burn the corpses.  Pretty tough to do to a loved one, all of them, whether they are already dead or not.  It’s also pretty tough if everyone in the household is already sick with this mysterious zombie production disease.

Even in the movie version, there are  many cases of suicides as a result of being incapable of coping with the changes occurring.  That may be very close to the truth, actually.  Survival, in any mass event, would likely be tougher than dying would.  Many people would spin into utter despair, their minds unable to cope with the event, resulting in suicidal behavior, and in some cases, where the suicidal one thought that killing his or her family was a kindness in itself before killing themselves.

Imagine that world.  A world without government, without structure, without a functional  society.  Survivors are scattered or in small clusters, maybe a few families here and there.  Often, there would be orphans, their parents dead or vanished into the void of civilization’s ruins.  Some children would undoubtedly be abandoned, we’ve seen that often in war torn areas, famine affected areas, and anywhere that survival has become difficult.  Suddenly society would have changed, and it would be survival of the strongest, the smartest, and the fittest.

From the ruins of what we enjoy today, what would rise?  Would it really be the love and light society that New Agers are predicting?  Would it really be an enlightened society capable of intellectual and spiritual discourse?  Or would it be raiders, traders, and Ugga Ugga Me Strong leaders?

There would be total chaos resulting from the breakdown of our modern infrastructure.  Without shipped goods arriving, shortages would inevitably cause riots and fights in population centers with several groups of survivors or large numbers of survivors.  Food, fuel, clean water, and shelter would become premium items very quickly, and in winter would be essential to obtain quickly.  Individuals or even families that possessed things such as gasoline, food, generators, and good shelter would be at risk for attack from those who wanted to take it away from them.  They would be forced to band together with others in order to provide mutual protection and share their resources.  But what if you were not desirable to a group?  Those with a large number of children, disabilities, disfigurement, elderly, etc. would find out quickly that they were very vulnerable and acceptance might not be easy.  All of these types of people would present a question of liability to groups.  Could you contribute enough in terms of skills to make yourself attractive to a group?  After all, supplies could simply be taken away or you could be killed for them.  The trade would have to leave the biggest benefit to be accepting you as a member and making yourself valuable to the group as a whole.

I don’t see society becoming enlightened, spiritual, or intellectual in the beginning.  I see a chaotic mess in which only the strong can survive and where groups possess the most power, in terms of numbers, resources, and survival chances.  I know too many people that would refuse to leave their homes to protect themselves.  I know too many self-centered, egotistical, and utterly clueless people to think that we’d become something enlightened right away.

Maybe I’m a cynic, but thinking on this possibility doesn’t lead me to any thoughts that mankind is suddenly going to “get it” and become enlightened and civilized.  We’ll get there…eventually but right now? Nope.  The possibility that we’ll get there while under major stress? Pretty low!


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