Freaky weird stuff, radio shows, topics, and nada

17 Nov

Last night, I did another radio show, which is obviously my normal Tuesday habit.  Other than a sound card dying an abrupt death at the studio, a couple of hundred miles from me, the show went as expected.  My guest was Bet Dotson, and our topic was…once again, aliens, ufos, abductions and milabs.

I was ready for the weird stuff, at least mentally.  I waited in anticipation to hear something, after all, I’d all but dared whatever to do it again.

Guess what?

Not a weird sound one.

My big middle-of-the-night excitement was RedDog wanting out and doing her normal camel (aka I’m not leaving till I drink every drop of this gallon of water in my water bowl) routine outside and refusing to come in until she had sucked the last drop up.  Sometimes, her desert roots show up…and why she decided that bowl needed syphoned dry at 12:35 a.m., I don’t know.

I stayed up until 3:30 a.m., then fell into a deep and pleasant sleep.  I slept through the remainder of the night, and awoke pleasantly refreshed, just like a person should.

It’s probably a good thing, unlike last week, I can’t spend the day catching up on missed sleep.  I have appointments today that I can’t miss, and a million other things to do.  My mother will be here in a few days, after all.  I normally also do my shopping on Wednesdays.

Am I disappointed in my mysterious sound routine not reappearing?

Not hardly.  I’m a bit thankful, actually.

Do I think the sounds were related to the program?


Do I think that they were supposed to frighten or intimidate me?

Maybe?  If that was the case, however, they didn’t do their homework very well.  It was a poor choice of phenomena to truly frighten or intimidate me.

Who do I think was behind the sounds?

I haven’t got a clue.  Secret military?  Aliens? Ghosts?  None of them fit.  Besides, it would be a lot of work to go to.  I don’t understand that at all.  I’m just not that important in the global scheme of things, and it seems like an incredible waste of time for showing off the ability to broadcast or create sounds.

Do I anticipate it recurring in the future?

Maybe.  Past experience has shown me that the freaky weird stuff seems to repeat.  It may or may not be related to the program series I’m doing, or the guests that I’m interviewing.

Am I afraid that the intimidation will be stepped up as a result of my speaking out?

Not really.  I’m just not worth investing that much effort into.

Is there a possibility that the noises were actually to cause me to speak out instead of causing me to stop the series?

That could be.  If that was their “plan” (whoever ‘they’ are!) it would explain why the noises were all noises that alone, I’d not have even made much notice of.  They weren’t really frightening to me, just really peculiar to have going on in that series together.  I’m known for being a bit obstinate and defiant, so predicting that I’d get pissed off and talk about it would not be a huge leap.

What am I going to do now?

Nothing.  I have a great series of shows planned, and I intend to go forward with them!


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