Radio show topics bring high weirdness

14 Nov

I am a person of many facets, not all of which have necessarily appeared on my blog before.  This blog entry is about events surrounding my radio program and potentially “otherworldly” events in my life.  You may think I’m nuts and that’s ok.  I’d really rather realize that I was nuts, some days.  I don’t like the story I am about to relate at all.  I wish it was all just a hallucination.

Last Tuesday, like almost every single Tuesday of the year, I had my radio program, Gia Scott’s Dawn of Shades.  It’s a paranormal and alternative topic program, and I do a wide variety of programs.  The topic theme I’ve got for November is aliens, alien abductions, milabs, ufos, and related topics.  It’s not hard hitting journalism, it’s a program designed to bring ideas to the audience and let them decide for themselves whether or not the guest’s points have validity or not.  I don’t bring guests on to ridicule them or make them look silly–I honestly see no point in doing that.  Its serious, but serious in a fun and relaxed way.  I tell everyone that the program is like you are eavesdropping without guilt as I talk over coffee with my guest.  They even get to ask questions, which I take via text messages or email.  It’s fun, informative, and thought provoking in a relaxed way.

I never thought that any program I did would have any effect on my life.  I did have a guest cancel, advising me that to continue with the interview as planned would be dangerous for my health and well being.  I have to admit, I regarded that as a lot of hogwash.  I could not see where a radio interview could potentially be dangerous for me.

Last week, my guest was Anya Briggs, and our topic was milabs and abductions, along with a dash of aliens.  Anya is delightful, and unlike many guests, does not have a book or dvd to promote.  We were just talking about the phenomena in general, exchanging some information and personal anecdotes, discussing things in general, just like we would over a cup of coffee.  Nothing we spoke of was anywhere anything I’d consider “pushing the envelope” but it was still a very good program, in my opinion.

After the program, I don’t recall anything in particular that I did–it was certainly nothing of importance.  Later in the evening, I did play some innocuous arcade type games on Facebook, and was just waiting for my pain medication to start working well enough for me to go to bed.  It was after midnight by that point.

That’s when it started.

GM was asleep by that point, RedDog was laying between the bedroom door and the outside door, as is her habit.  That way, nothing goes in or out and she doesn’t miss anything of importance.  Sissy was in her crate, dozing happily.  Everything was so very normal.

Outside, I heard puppies crying.

The first thought in my head was of the old stories dating from pre-industrial Europe of various supernatural entities that would use the sound of a crying baby to tempt their victims from their home.  Immediately, I decided that nothing was getting me to open that door, especially since Red was ignoring or oblivious to the sounds.  Real puppies would have immediately brought her to her feet and staring at the door in interest, especially since they were crying so piteously.  I ignored it, and continued to play my game at that point.

Next, there was the sounds of a dozen or more people all wandering around the travel trailer we live in.  I could hear their footfall, I could hear them talking, but just not quite make out the words.  There were the sounds of several vehicles pulling up near the trailer as well.  Once again, neither event was real, and neither dog was reacting to something that normally would have had the walls groaning due to their barking.  I just told myself that I was imagining things and getting quite goofy, but the sounds persisted for some time and seemed quite real.

The final straw was the owls.  I don’t mind owls, despite their rather ominous sounding hoots.  That night, however, it sounded as though there were a couple of dozen owls surrounding the travel trailer and hooting insistently.  I may not be superstitious, but that was rather peculiar.  At that point, I decided that perhaps I would lay down, even if I could not sleep yet.

GM was making sounds in his sleep, and awoke completely disoriented and babbling about these entities and the sounds, and took several minutes before he was completely awake, which is unlike him.  He usually wakes easily, even if he’s not happy about being awake.  Talking about the events of the night and the reasons behind them occupied us for the remainder of the night, and we finally returned to bed as the sun rose.  I have to admit, I seemed to be anxiously awaiting the sun rise and was glad to see it lighting the sky.

I wondered, was it a simultaneous hallucination? A psychic event where my hallucination influenced his dreams?  Was it alien inspired or ghostly in nature? What the heck was it?

I had to think about it.  I have to admit, I now have concluded it was not either alien or ghostly in nature, although I cannot say exactly what it was.

On Saturday, I called Anya and mentioned the “high weirdness” that had occurred.  It seems that the phenomena is not unusual for someone who has interviewed her.  I wasn’t certain exactly who or how this incident had happened, but it did seem related to the programs I had been doing.

  • So what’s next?
  • Should I become fearful and eliminate the topics from my list of potential topics?
  • I’m not a conspiracy theory fan.  I always had the idea that if it was real, it was obviously not good for my health to pursue them.  If it wasn’t real, then it was obviously a waste of my time to pursue them.  Heck, half the time, the question of who “they” are cannot even be answered.
  • If that was an attempt to intimidate, who was behind it?
  • If it was not an attempt to intimidate, what was it and why was it happening to me?
  • Was it alien, black ops, spiritual, ghostly, or some other otherworldly sort of phenomena?
  • Should I be afraid?
  • Was it a warning?

Here’s my thoughts:

  • If it was a warning, it was a piss poor one.  Good warnings indicate what the offense was and what the punishment will be if the behavior continues.  It failed on all counts.
  • If it was intimidation, I still needed a better message of why I was being intimidated.  I’ve seen scary and weird things before.  I’ve been weirded out before.  I need a message, dang it!
  • If it was a message, I still didn’t “get it.”  I need clearer messages, and speak English quite fluently.  A message in English is easier to deliver and leaves  little room for doubt if it is written concisely enough.  Remember the K.I.S.S. theory? That’s my motto: Keep It Simple, Stupid!  Try the US Mail–it’s cheap and effective.
  • If I’m supposed to be terrified, crying puppies, hooting owls, and talking/walking people aren’t going to do the job.  Give me rattling chains, unearthly howls and screams, and please…wake up the neighbors too.   Shared terror becomes contagious, and is much more effective.  It also prevents me from deeming it a side effect of my pain medication.
  • It might also help if the origins of the event were known.  I should be aware if I am aggravating someone and who I am aggravating.

I actually thought about remaining silent about my night of high weirdness.  Silence is what has gotten us to the point of conspiracy theories and nameless fears.  Silence breeds this crap, no matter what the source.  And it is crap…I should never be questioning whether or not I’m being intimidated because of a topic I dared bring up on a small internet radio program.  In a country like ours, founded on the idea of liberty for all, we should never ever question whether we are being intimidated for discussing something publicly.

Realizing that these events had often been endured by previous interviewers of the one guest has me irritated.  If we do not start speaking up, we are voiding our right to do so.  We have to complain, and loudly.  This is not right, not by anyone’s standards, and it should stop.  I don’t care if its ghosts, secret military operations, aliens, or big foot behind it.   I don’t care if it was the neighbor’s kid playing pranks either.  It is still WRONG.

Don’t be a silent victim.  Speak up.  Be heard.


4 Responses to “Radio show topics bring high weirdness”

  1. Alice Bishoff November 14, 2010 at 3:25 pm #

    Very interesting. Did any of the listeners have anything happen after hearing the show? I’m thinking of listening to the show, but then…what if the owls come HERE!? So sorry about your shoulder. My right shoulder too, is frozen, since last December. However, i was only in the excrutiatingly painful phase from Dec 1st to Mid-March, had a cortisone shot under xray, and since then, I’m frozen, but mostly painless. I hope you move into phase 2 soon! It’s not so bad. Can’t move it much, but it doesn’t hurt! Someone said the other day, that frozen shoulder is the most painful malady that doesn’t kill you that a person can go through.

    • exogenynetwork November 14, 2010 at 4:48 pm #

      Thank you Alice for the words of encouragement! Without getting into any details (our blogs are public) that would cause trouble later on, I can say that the expressions of empathy and sympathy from those who have suffered this malady are earnest and heartfelt. We can only go by what the other person tells you as to describing their pain condition. Each of us does experience pain in our own way and under our own conditions. It is not something we can (usually) share. I hope that your condition becomes one that moves to healing, I understand that seldom does one have 100% recovery, or total alleviation of the persistent pain. All that we can do is have a bit of faith in the human body’s ability to heal, albeit slow in many cases. I see the affect of the pain in Gia every day, and I have to remain positive.

  2. melissamtjoy July 23, 2012 at 9:15 am #

    Thank you Gia for bring Anya Briggs to your show.

    • giascott July 23, 2012 at 9:31 am #

      Anya Briggs is an interesting, intelligent and lovely woman to talk with! She is always a pleasure to have a conversation with.

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