To be or not to be: the Tassimo

3 Nov

I got the replacement Tassimo on Friday.  I did not get the promised email from Tassimo by Monday.  Instead, what I got was a horrible horrible surprise.

I turned the machine on, went to make a cup of coffee quick.  And low and behold, the same machine error code appears and nearly as persistently as the machine this one is to replace.  The owner’s manual said to turn off the power and let it stand for five minutes (I had just turned on the machine to begin with!) So I did it, and eventually, amid a lot of not-so-good-words, the machine brewed my coffee a few hours later.  Not exactly “fast” there.

So it screwed up on the third cup, and seriously so.  This is the same set of failures that predated the total failure of the old machine.  Should I call Tassimo and attempt to get a good machine?  Should I just write it all off and be happy that even though my $200 fancy machine is good for nothing more than being a door stop…my $9.95 machine performs perfectly?  Is the principle of the problem really worth the frustration I am going to be forced to endure?

I’m going to sleep on that.  I honestly don’t know if a $200 machine is worth that kind of aggravation.  I have gone through it twice and achieved nothing except being one step closer to hypertension.  However, on that proverbial other hand, if I don’t do something, I’m allowing Tassimo to continue marketing a substandard piece of junk as a premium machine without any repercussions at all (such as having to replace a high percentage of defective Bosch machines.)

Choices, choices…and all because I went with Tassimo instead of Keurig!


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