The art of questions

3 Nov

All this precognition stuff that I have talked about with a wide variety of guests on my radio show has me thinking.  (Yes, that is a dangerous thing sometimes.)  I wonder about the source of that information.  But really, where does it come from?

I know the answer that I’d get from my most conservative friends.  They believe precognition to be a demonic thing.  That kind of makes my head spin by itself.  Why would it have to be demonic in nature?  Wouldn’t something GOOD want to know what was about to happen in order to be prepared to meet those challenges?  Is it only good if someone is forced to make do and guess about what the future holds?  The same kind of thinking that concludes that telling someone about their future is evil surely cannot justify paying for insurance either.  Insurance too believes in forecasting the future…that’s how your risk factors are calcultated and your rates are charged.

My more liberal friends, the same ones who exit with the comment “love and light” are going to take a different tack with their response.  They will inform me that it comes from the light.  Okay, maybe I am totally unenlightened, but the light?  Isn’t that the same kind of no-answer that I got from the conservative crowd?

I want to know what the source of these precognitive visions and messages is.  It shouldn’t be a hard question, it shouldn’t be met with suspicion or with stupid answers.  It’s a serious question here.  What is the source of these things?

I have been asking this question for months, and getting very strange looks from my friends and family lately.  I am being entirely serious with the question, it isn’t a trick of any kind.  I just want an answer that makes sense.

It’s starting to remind me of questioning a small child.  If you don’t phrase the question exactly right, you don’t get the answer to the question, but instead you may get led down the primrose path in pursuit of a butterfly that had nothing to do with what you wanted to know.

I think I’ve finally found an answer that I can accept.  I feel like the 3 year old with the forever “why?” on her lips though.  Even so, the answer that makes sense came from “A Book of Insight” by Tina Fiorda and Tilde Cameron, a pair of sisters from Canada who laboriously channeled a book through a Ouija board.  In short, the book suggests that these precognitive dreams, visions, and messages come directly from our spirit guides to enable us to stay on the path towards fulfilling our “missions” for this lifetime.  These spirit guides are actual guides to assist us, and at some points in our own existence as spiritual entities, we too may have served as spirit guides ourselves.  These spirit guides are spiritual entities with a direct connection to the Source of All, or what we call God.

All in all, I’d say I have advanced a great deal in the art of questions.  Now, if I can only develop the art of answers to go with them!


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