Hostess with the mostess?

1 Nov

I survived both a campfire cooking demonstration and a baby shower this weekend.  My daughter’s baby shower was Saturday, and overall, I’d declare it a success.  There were no fatalities, no assaults, no blood, and no one required emergency medical treatment.  I had the same success on Sunday, with no fatalities, assaults, gore, emergency medical treatment, or psychiatric admissions.  My hair is no more gray than it was last week either.

The sandwiches were cut into a pumpkin shape, which my daughter’s significant other declared to be “boobie sandwiches.”

It’s amazing, but once he said it, everyone could see what inspired the comment, but women didn’t see boobie silhouettes…they saw pumpkin silhouettes until he announced they were boobies.  The comment arrived in the  middle of his lament about his being the first male in the history of Mississippi to attend a baby shower, and that he would probably be burned at the stake for his offense.  He saved his reputation with the other males by declaring that he got to judge a boobie contest and that we’d in fact all been topless during the entire shower.  It may have been a desperate attempt to save his reputation, because most of the women were on the far side of fifty…

The cheesecake was a success, the sandwiches weren’t as big a feature as we’d have thought.  I think the average consumption was one pumpkin shaped sandwich per person.  I even ate one, despite the presence of mayonnaise on them.  I had made bean dip, and Pam made “rotel” dip-a cheesy concoction that included tomatoes with chilies.  The bean dip was made with dehydrated refried beans from Emergency Essentials and only included a couple of spoonfuls of the tomato & chilies mixture.  It was a tad salty for my tastes, but it really was superior to generic brands of refried beans, and equal to name brand products.  If you are a Mexican food fan, love bean burritos, dips, etc., they are ideal.  I love the convenience of adding some hot water, heating them a few more minutes and voila! hot and fresh refried beans!   In terms of cost, they compare very favorably with buying the average small sized can of refried beans, and even more favorably when compared to ‘bean dip.’

On Sunday, we kept it simple.  I had pre-cooked a batch of 15 bean soup, adding a couple of ham hocks to the beans, and about half of the included “Cajun seasoning” packet.  I did have Tabasco brand chipotle pepper sauce and Mike’s All Purpose seasoning available for those who wanted a bit more kick.  I baked two batches of cornbread in the dutch ovens–the first one was burnt as black as the pot on the outside, although the inner portion was edible.  (The dogs ate the black bits too–they weren’t so picky!)  the second batch came out perfectly.  We baked fish seasoned with Mike’s All Purpose Seasoning and wrapped in foil before being put on the grill over the coals, as well as 3 small pumpkins stuffed with butter & brown sugar.  Everything was good, and the leftover cheesecake vanished during the evening.  I always receive compliments, but it really seems so easy that I’m almost embarrassed to accept them.  The pumpkins scorched a bit on the bottom–I should have wrapped them in double layers of foil.

It was a grand success despite the small oopsies, and now…we’ll relax!


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