Tassimo does it again!!!!!!!

29 Oct

I must be psychic.

I actually predicted the future, never mind that I used previous experience (aka history) to establish the probability of my prediction being accurate.

Remember how I was going to get a call back within 48 hours from Tassimo regarding the missing replacement machine?

Uh huh

That call.  You know the one.  Its the direct opposite of the one from the company that you are late paying, and they are on the phone the day after the due date.

My phone never rang.  I clung to my phone like I was expecting to win the lottery.  If I couldn’t answer it, I got GM to babysit the phone.  I was faithful to my phone observation.  It just never rang.  I felt as alone as a nerdy seventeen year old girl without a date the week before prom.

So, just after 7 pm, about 49 hours after my previous call, I called Tassimo to say…I never had my phone ring.  A cheery girl named Ann that I swear sounded like a clone of the previous customer service rep (are they cloning these people now, so they are nothing more than a brain and vocal cords hardwired to a computer call center like some psychotic version of the Matrix?)  Ann has perfectly learned all of the apologies and non-answers, and I was left with the assurance that she was personally going to follow up on this and I would get a call from Tassimo about my missing machine.

That’s all I could get out of the girl.  I feel like I’m being led down the primrose path, and I seriously doubt I’ll EVER hear my phone ring with Tassimo on the other end.  I’ll try and fit another call tomorrow to see if I can get something else out of these cloned agents of the devil himself…

Tassimo should be barred from selling their products to anyone in the USA.  I don’t care how good the coffee is when the machine works, having to jump through hoops like this should be against the law.  I think they are counting on the machine’s price tag being just low enough to deter anyone from going to the hassle and expense of hiring a lawyer and taking them to court, because calling this process a warranty or the experience on the phone as “customer service” is surely misrepresentation at best and downright a lie at worst.

Not only does the machine cost nearly $200 retail even now, but I also have $50-100 tied up in coffee disks that are now useless to me.  I have invested a lot of my time into trying to resolve this problem, which should have been resolved with the first call and the shipment of a replacement machine, and me returning the defective one.  Instead, they have failed over and over to follow through with things, given me different stories about where the machine is, deluded me that someone was going to DO something, and dragged me along like a blanket behind a toddler.  Is it any wonder that I am really furious?  THIS experience alone would infuriate a customer, never mind the fiasco when I attempted to order through their website, and heaven forbid, if I had elected to try their subscription service for coffee!

NEVER accept substandard customer service as your lot in your consumer life.  There is NO excuse!

Here’s some previous postings about this fun and joy, just in case you want to share my pain!

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