Tassimo does it again! Part 2

29 Oct

Remember how Tassimo was going to call me back after 48 hours and didn’t call, so I called them?

I should have placed a bet that contrary to the assurances of the cloned customer service rep, they weren’t going to call me back this evening either.

Nope, not even a “personal follow up” was followed up on.  Nobody called.  It’s blatantly obvious that no one at Tassimo cares about their customers one iota.

So I’m more and more terrier like all the time.  I may hate my Tassimo machine passionately now, but it’s become a principle thing now.  I want that replacement machine, even if it just allows me the opportunity to use it for target practice.   I am deeply angered by the way this company has treated me on two separate issues-the first one being when I attempted to order accessories from them (thinking that the complaint the machine was giving was  a plea for a cleaning disk that had been misplaced in the move) and the second when it was obvious that the cleaning disk was NOT the issue, as it recognized the disk and then had a siezure and demanded that I read the owner’s manual.  The owner’s manual directed me to call customer service.  Customer service then stated the machine was defective and a replacement would be sent out.  That was on September 22nd.  I haven’t had a cup of coffee from it since June of this year when I began packing for the move that finally occurred in July.  August was spent in aggravated attempts  to purchase a cleaning disk, which at one point had over $200 charged to my account as my bill total (which included more coffee disks) was charged to my card SIX times.  Customer service then was an exercise in aggravation, and as an apology, Tassimo sent me a new cleaning disk, which was nice of them.  I would have rather have had the cleaning disk sooner and paid for it without problems though.

So the new cleaning disk finally arrives in September…Tassimo isn’t a fast moving company, which seems strange for a company that makes coffee…which contains caffeine…which normally speeds things up.  I discover my machine is defective on the 22nd when I attempted to clean it.

I was assured that a machine would be sent out, and I would receive it in about 2 weeks.  That’s reasonable.  Unfortunately, according to later conversations with other customer service reps, for some reason, my machine request was not processed until October 8th.  The two week deadline had already passed by that point.  What were they doing? Using the paperwork for wall paper?

I waited for over 3 weeks before concluding there was a problem, and called again on October 14th.  I got a confusing story about how the machine was sent and there was a mystery tracking number but she’d send another one.  That story never jived with later calls to Tassimo.  It was during the later calls that I was told it wasn’t processed until October 8 because of missing information, and one tried to tell me that was why I had to give them additional information from the bottom of the machine.  I didn’t call on the 8th, and that information was given on the first call to Tassimo about the machine, so that seemed like an odd twist to the tale, but that portion was then hurriedly dropped as he realized I had not called again until October 14.  I then waited until the 22nd to call again, since no machine had arrived, and my faith was vanishing that it ever would.  I was then told I should receive the machine by Tuesday as it had already been shipped from Pennsylvania.  I couldn’t get an email out of him, nor any claim that I would be sent one.

On Tuesday, I called again, as there was no machine yet.  This time, I’m told that I will receive a call back in 24-48 hours.  When I inquired as to what I should do when the call didn’t happen, the girl just reassured me it would.  Yeah, right.

So, at the 49 hour mark, I call Tassimo again.  I must be crazy.  Once again, I just get that I will get a personal follow up and a return call.  Patiently, I go to work on some website updates, and wait a few hours.  At about 10 pm my time, I call again, apparently needing something to aggravate me near bed time.

Russel informed me that a machine has been shipped.  (Oh, is this a familiar tale!) He says it is coming via UPS (previous reps had told me that they could not tell who was the shipping carrier.) and that Tassimo has a tracking number (shades of October 14!)  He informs me that the machine should arrive in 2-3 weeks.  I forgot to ask where this machine was being shipped from, since I have no idea how far away it has to be for it to take UPS that long to get it to Mississippi…I’ve never had anything take over a week even from Washington, Maine, California…or points in between.  I expressed my worry and frustration, since I have been calling about this since September and I ask for this information to be sent to my email account, explaining very politely that it will make me “feel better.”  He says it will be requested and that I should expect the email in 24-48 hours.  Maybe I’m starting to speak Tassimo-ese…so I ask “is it 24-48 hours as in working hours, does it include nighttime and weekends?”  Russel stated that I could reasonably expect that email by Monday.  I have to admit, the male reps sound less like identical clones than the female ones do, and SOUND more effective than the females as well.  Male ones have not resulted in the arrival of the machine yet either.

What do you think?  Should I really truly expect to receive an email by Monday?

I can’t help but wonder…am I really just having a really bad run with this company, or does everyone get aggravated and frustrated this way?  If everyone gets this crap, how in the world have they stayed in business?  Even the cheap version of their machine runs about $100 at the local Walmart, and I would still expect the warranty on that machine to be worth more than potential fire starting material.  So far, I’d say the warranty on the expensive machines are worth nothing more than aggravation and fire starting material.

My mother has decided to buy a single serve coffee maker and asked me which brand was the best just tonight.  I told her to buy a Keurig, it has more variety, the My K-cup option, and you don’t have to deal with Tassimo for customer service.  I told her Keurig’s coffee was acceptable, and the superior flavor of Tassimo was definitely NOT worth the hassle of dealing with them, and probably not worth the higher price tag of t-disks compared to k-cups either.

So when would I buy a Tassimo again or recommend it to someone?  Ha ha!  There IS an occasion!  If you have an aggravating mother in law you want to really get even with…here’s the perfect gift.  If you are a mother in law, and have an aggravating daughter in law…here’s the perfect gift!  Seriously…I’d only give it to someone I wanted to truly aggravate.

So, the short version of part 2 is that I didn’t get the promised call…again.  I called back, was informed a replacement machine had been shipped via UPS and would arrive in 2-3 weeks.  That wasn’t will be shipped, but rather had been shipped.  I asked for an email with the tracking number, since I am skeptical about this new machine, and was told that I should expect that to arrive by Monday.  It’s Thursday night now…so it is going to take 4 days for someone to send me an email that other companies generate automatically and instantly.  Impressive, isn’t it?  Almost as impressive as when Tassimo ships via UPS, it takes 2-3 times as long for an item to arrive as when other companies such as Overstock and Amazon ship.

I’m taking bets on the email arriving by Monday, by the way.  So far, no one is betting it will either.

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