Recycled coffee containers & herb plants

29 Oct

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will have noticed that we had downsized this summer to a travel trailer, and we are not adapting real well (or quickly) to our cramped space.  One other portion of the downsize is the lack of a garden space.  I can survive without bushels of zucchini, but have you priced fresh herbs at the grocery store?  Or grimaced at their obvious unfresh state?

Mission Fresh Herb Solution: Okay, my budget is more anemic than anything, so there wasn’t a vast amount of money to invest in this little project.  We’re doing it green too, and the best way.  We are re-purposing the original containers rather than reprocessing to recycle.  Large Folger’s coffee canisters are now made of plastic, and are roughly the equivalent of what used to be the “3 lb. coffee can.”  GM drilled four holes in the bottom, roughly pea sized, to allow for drainage.  I scraped up some gravel (Mississippi Gulf Coast is really seriously rock-impaired!) and covered the bottom of the container with the shells & pebbles that formed the ‘gravel’.  The container was then filled about 1/3 of the way with Miracle Gro potting soil. (I’m a huge Miracle Gro potting soil fan-it does make a big difference and is worth the extra $.)  I placed my first investment in our culinary excellence in the pot–a small sage plant I purchased at the Mobile Botanical Gardens’ plant sale last week.  (Mobile, AL)  My new baby was then filled in around with the potting soil, and well watered.  For now, since the weather is tolerable, it will stay outside.  Sooner or later, it will have to come inside at least at night.  I guess that’s a good reason to do dishes before dark–the sink is about the only place I could put several of these coffee containers filled with dirt & plants!

I also purchased 2 packages of seeds from the very limited selection I found at the local Lowe’s garden center…a packet of lemon lime mixed basil and a package of mesclun mix salad greens, which can also be grown in small containers in cool weather.  We won’t be able to eat salad every day, but we can have a few greens now and again this way.  As for the basil…there is nothing as yummy as lemon basil sauteed with some chicken.  YUM!  That is something you can NEVER buy in the store.  I guess I’ll have to post a photo online as soon as I have my little cluster of coffee canisters growing!


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