Quitting smoking and the electronic cigarette

28 Oct

I bought an electronic cigarette as an aid to quitting smoking.  I’m not real sure about it though.  It’s heavy, heavier than a pen, probably courtesy of the battery, which I recharge with this neat little charger.  I put in a cartridge and tried it.  It tastes like soap…nasty soap.  I thought it was just me, and had a couple of other people sample it.  It tastes like soap to everyone.  It might work as an aid, but…the flavor? Ugh.

Do I really need the glow on the tip?  I thought that was really kind of silly.  I’m not looking at the end of it, what do I care if it glows?  The puff of vapor might be psychologically soothing though, mimicking the puff of smoke.  But I’d rather have the flavor be anything BUT soap.  Why not chocolate flavored?  Even grape would be an improvement!

I wonder if all brands have such foul tasting cartridges?


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