The Tassimo saga continues…and still no machine!

26 Oct

Well, as I had stated in last week’s post…I was told I should receive the new Tassimo machine on Monday or Tuesday, and unfortunately, I accurately predicted the future.  There is no new machine and no sighting of a UPS or FedEx truck.  So, with dread, I dialed the number for Tassimo customer service and did my number dance to get to an operator.

I have no idea what her name was.  When she announced her name, it was amid a garbled mess of sound, which she apparently adjusted to eliminate with an apology.  We then got down to the nitty gritty on where-is-the-replacement-machine issue.

Apparently, nobody knows.

She has assured me that someone will call me back in 24-48 hours.  I asked what if no one calls me, and she assured me again that I will receive a follow up call.  Since my warranty has expired during the wait for the replacement machine, I wonder whether they intend to ship me one at all, although she assured me that a machine was “processed” on October 8.  Apparently, they don’t allow their customer service reps access to tracking information to even see if the machine was delivered…somewhere.  All of this is a nightmarish example of poor customer service and lack of corporate responsibility.  What good are warranties when you have to jump through hoops faster than a circus dog, and don’t even get the dog treat to go with them?

I have decided that the best solution to the unopened packages of Tassimo disks.  I’m going to sell them on Ebay with the explanation that I can’t use them since I’ve waited so long for the replacement machine that never arrived and that I will be replacing the machine from a company with better customer service, and the Tassimo is the only machine to use T-disks!  I’m sure someone with a machine will get a bargain on t-disks that way.

Research even small appliances before purchasing them.  It saves on the development of aggravation and disappointment in the long run.  As for the mother in law you despise…SHE is a great candidate for giving one of these machines to.  Aggravate her and keep her busy jumping through customer service hoops!

Outside of that, I have had some GREAT coffee from a $10 machine from Walmart…another company everyone loves to hate and can’t hardly avoid in small town America.  It was undoubtedly made in some country other than the USA or Canada or Mexico too.  For its price, I don’t care about lousy customer service.  If it lasts more than 30 days, I figure I got my money out of it, throw it away like a good consumer, and buy a new one.  It requires no special parts or coffee disks, and it sure doesn’t cost $199 from Amazon to replace.


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