Tassimo saga continues…

22 Oct

I really need to go and edit the article I wrote reviewing the Tassimo and Keurig single serve coffee machines.  I was pro-Tassimo at that point, as I had never been so unfortunate as to have to call Tassimo customer service.  The saga continues today, so read on!

I must have been feeling like getting aggravated.  I hadn’t received that replacement Tassimo machine yet, so I called Tassimo again.

It’s guaranteed to aggravate.

I couldn’t understand his name or much of what else he ran together while answering the phone, so I responded in kind to each question.   Later in the call, I ask for his name, which turns out to be Obi.    We are working on two months now to replace a machine that I was supposed to receive a replacement for in 2 weeks.  My warranty is about to or has expired while I’ve been waiting for this replacement.

I’m not changing my opinion of Tassimo customer service much.  Today’s representative was courteous and spoke understandable English, but apparently previous reps were flat lying to me…or else he was.  SOMEBODY was not telling me the truth.  Today’s story went as follows.

I called on September 22, and the defective machine’s replacement was arranged.  However, there was missing information so the claim was not processed completely.  On October 8, this missing information was apparently miraculously produced, and the claim was processed.  On October 14, I called again, and was told a different story by Mia, which included assurance that I would receive the machine in 1-2 weeks.

From Obi, I learned the following.  The new machine was in fact being shipped, despite my doubts about any machine ever arriving.  It was coming from Pennsylvania somewhere and would arrive via FedEx, UPS, or USPS.  I should receive it today, Monday, or Tuesday, but if I do not receive the machine by Tuesday, I should call again.

My opinion at this time?

I seriously doubt whether I will ever receive a replacement machine from Tassimo.  I think the ruse to get me to call back on Tuesday is merely that Obi doesn’t work on Monday or Tuesday, therefore I will be screaming in fury at someone else.

So…did you know that Keurig machines and K-cups are carried almost everywhere now?  Sams Club has them, Walmart has them, I’ve seen the K-cups in the grocery store aisles right alongside the plastic containers of Folgers.  Reading the reviews of the Keurig machine is a much more positive experience too–few of them are rants about the defective machines and horrible customer service.

Oh why on earth did I get a Tassimo?????????????

Because I needed the aggravation over a cup of coffee?

Okay, for those who missed previous entries, to keep it simple, here they are:

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