Quitting smoking…

14 Sep

Quitting smoking isn’t easy.  I don’t care what method you use, how much willpower you have, or what brand you smoked.  I don’t even care about the reasons you are quitting–it is NOT easy.  This isn’t the first time I’ve quit, and I’ve quit for as long as 6 weeks before.    I’m now hovering at the handful of cigarettes a day stage.  For some people, that’s not even close to quitting–that’s what they smoked before.  I wish I could say the same…but I believe in going for the gusto.  When I smoked…I smoked!

All of my previous efforts at quitting failed.  That means for me, cold turkey, the  nicotine gum, the nagging, etc. does not work.  The stop smoking ads aggravated me (and still do) and always inspired a cigarette break.  My advice to anyone who’s got someone close to them going down the quitting road…don’t nag them!  Don’t even MENTION it.  It’s already on our minds continually!  We don’t need your reminders, that’s for sure.

Be supportive, be caring…but don’t be a nag.  If we fail or slide off that wagon…don’t start then either.  Most of us will try and fail many times before we find the method that works for us.


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