Summer colds and melodrama

7 Sep

I’m sick.  I’m miserable and guess what?

I’m whining about it too.

My throat hurts, my head is stuffy, and I’m coughing.  I feel like crap.  I could do any cold remedy commercial there is, but the truth of the matter is…none of them are going to make this go away. 

What’s up with that anyhow?  I don’t have time to be sick, I have too much to do and I feel like warmed over cat poop.  I’ve been awake an hour, and I’m exhausted and thinking bed thoughts again.  I am sure that no one has ever been as sick and miserable as I am now, and while my cognitive side (what’s still alive of it right now) tells me I’m being silly and melodramatic, the wimpy side of me is saying this is worse than any known virus.  I didn’t get any of my phone calls done today, I’ve asked for a re-run to air for the radio program today, and I don’t care about much of anything. 

I can never make fun of anyone ever again for being a drama queen over being sick. 

I’ve got all of the classic melodrama virus symptoms. 

  1. I’m feeling sorry for myself.
  2. I’m sure no one else has ever been this sick.
  3. I want the world to stop while I get well.
  4. I want babied and catered to.
  5. I don’t want anyone near me.
  6. I dont’ want anyone to talk to me.

So, with that said…I’m going to creep back to my sickbed and be pathetic.  Hopefully, I’ll wake up tomorrow with a new and improved attitude.

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