Insomnia, stress, and just a day goes by

2 Sep

Today…was Thursday.  Not a remarkable day in itself.  Nothing to mark in red marker on my digital calendar that made it special.  It had some good points, some not so good points, and a lot more that fell in the middle.

To start the day off, I’d had a particularly bad bout of insomnia last night.  I don’t get that stressed out over it, I’ve dealt with it most of my life.  I know that I can’t force the issue, and if I get stressed out over it, it just gets worse.  However, GM hasn’t dealt with it himself all that long, and I swear, it stresses him more than me, even tho he’s snoring…or should be.  He’s blissfully free of that persistent plague we call insomnia.

So, upon waking with the alarm and GM announcing it was time to get up…the lecture began.  The tension didn’t ease up until I blew up, said my piece, and then was quiet.  I just kept thinking, okay, today I’m going to be gone all day, and we can’t get on each other’s nerves then.  It still didn’t make for a very good start to the day.

It wasn’t long before my daughter arrived, and we were off to see the endocrinologist.  You know when you spend too much time with medical people when you can spell endocrinologist and not look it up.  We grabbed a McBreakfast on the way, eating it in the parking lot.  She was amazed that a “sausage mcmuffin” came without egg.  She thought they all had egg–I’m glad they don’t!  A hot mocha coffee does a lot towards sweetening my disposition anyhow, and McDonald’s aren’t bad.

I liked this doctor and thought she exhibited great diplomacy in managing my daughter and her treatment–and believe me, that’s a tricky thing!  MMM has more attitude than should be allowed in such a small package, and she hates being talked down to or ordered to do anything.  This doctor, I think her name is Dr. Kemmerly (or something similar!) is a tiny woman, but she’s got more diplomacy in her little finger than most doctors can carry in a bag.  She’s probably better for MMM than any doctor since the first effective family practioner we had when she was a teenager, Dr. Baglioni, who was truly a saint during a very difficult time in our lives.  I wish my orthopedic surgeon was as proactive as this doctor!

The appointment wasn’t quick, 1 hr and 10 minutes total, but then we ventured out into the great unknown with 2 tasks before us…locate another doctor’s office that she has an appointment with next week, then find Sam’s Club.  Since neither of us is really very familiar with Mobile yet, even with GPS it can be an interesting adventure.  I always see such wonderful old buildings and would like to explore more…if I ever found that neighborhood again!  We found Sam’s Club without any problems, but the strip mall that it is located in was a testiment to the economic state of the nation…over half the building was vacant, the parking lot poorly maintained, and not nearly as much traffic as it should have.  I wanted to see what this particular store carried, and it carried a large number of things that were not available in the store I previously shopped in New Orleans.  It was also substantially larger, and 4 or more of the New Orleans stores would fit inside of this one!  Back home again, cooked dinner for the crowd, and now…I’m on the flipside of where ever I’ve been all day.  Mostly tired.

Oh, and just in case anyone thinks GM and I are fighting, no…explosions are actually rare, short lived, and pretty quiet.  I was over tired this morning, he was in pain and grumpy, and our normal coping mechanisms slept in for an extra hour before waking up.  We have a bit of stress in our lives right now, and that always will fray the edges a bit.  Hopefully, we’ll sort through things, eliminate some of the stress, and life will return to peace and tranquility.

But…if you have insomnia, or know someone that does.  Don’t ride them about how they are choosing to stay awake.  It isn’t necessarily a choice.  Laying down and staring at the ceiling to make your partner happy is not going to make you sleep, and its boring and you look at the clock…and your mind starts racing since you have plenty of time to start thinking about things to think about.  Laying down to satisfy someone else’s sensibilities is NOT an effective tool.  Personally, I will often choose a boring, repetetive, arcade style game and do it until my mind slows down and I’m ready to sleep.  It works for me, and I’ve used it since the old Commodore 64 days.

With that, have a good night’s rest, and sweet dreams!


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