Premonition D-Day?

18 Aug

Well, I’ve talked about it often enough, on the air and in blogs.  Yes, I know that one of the first keys into whether or not a psychic is the real deal is whether or not a specific day or time is included…and that having them is almost a sure sign of a scam.  Yes, I know I have a specific day and time, but I’m not scamming anybody. 

I also won’t be in New Orleans on August 21 at 4:05 pm.  I won’t be anywhere NEAR New Orleans on that day.  I don’t want anybody I care about to be there either, but unfortunately, many people I know live and work there and will not take heed of any dream I’ve had.  I’m really sorry about that, because the dream was really REALLY vivid and insistent.

So, if you live there….how about taking the time for a trip to Natchez?  I hear its beautiful this time of year and what better day than Saturday, August 21?  Spend the day up there, maybe visit Rosedown in St. Francisville.  Take the whole family, have a picnic…even Fido. 

I wish it was all a huge joke, that the dream was fictional, but it wasn’t.  I woke up mumbling the date and time, and I remember focusing on the date and time so that I didn’t forget.  What was it?  Total devastation at the feet of a massive killer tornado, the kind that hits the Plains and leaves a path of 1/4 mile of total wipe-out.  It hit Southeastern Louisiana, and I saw it hitting New Orleans.  Needless to say, it was a bit of a problem, especially for the people who were killed or injured.

The tension is increasing as the date approaches, but do I care about whether I’m right?  No, I hope I’m as wrong as the people who predicted the end of the world with Y2K.  So, cross your fingers.


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