BP Oil Spill and Spillzilla

25 Jun

Okay, I’m probably going to confirm my lack of sanity, but this is a recurring theme with me lately.  We’ve all seen the BP oil spill on the news, in newspaper, and everywhere else.  On the Gulf Coast, we’re seeing the evidence everywhere too.  We’ve got James Fox talking about a conspiracy and a media blackout over it, including that people in Grand Isle, LA are being arrested if they talk to the media.  According to the local grapevine, you can’t go to Grand Isle without a permit, requiring you to either be a resident there or have official business taking you there.  I have not personally confirmed it, but there IS only one road leading there, and it is a toll road to boot.  Logic says the finite resources available there are being taxed by just clean up crews and the residents.  Maybe it’s a black out, maybe its far simpler.  I don’t know.

What I do “know” is that I have this recurring theme or vision or whatever fancy name you want to give it.  I keep seeing the maps of the oil spill with Godzilla.  Okay, it is nuts.  I agree.  There is no such thing as Godzilla, and I didn’t even like Godzilla movies or cartoons as a kid.  I don’t think it is a literal premonition and some great sea monster is about to rise from the sea.  I think it’s a much more symbolic image, an image representing disaster brought about by humans’ meddling without thinking ahead.  I see “Godzilla” as specifically threatening southeastern Louisiana and fairly soon, not years or decades from now, but probably sometime in the next year or two.

It’s creepy and scary, and still terribly vague, and I’m really not much for talking about my intuitive side usually anyhow.  When it is as horrifying as the images of Godzilla and its resulting destruction, I can’t shake it, I can’t rationalize my way through it, and I can’t just ignore it either.  I also cannot figure out what the real threat could possibly be.  I’m not minimizing the disaster level of this oil spill, it is THE hugest ecological disaster in the history of mankind on this planet.  It may result in a dead zone that fills the entire Gulf of Mexico and even beyond.  I don’t think cleanup can be accomplished in years or even a single decade, but is apt to take most of the coming century to even begin to take place.

I’ve heard some of the predictions about what is really going on out there beneath the sea’s surface as second hand information relayed from Richard C. Hoagland, various guests on Coast to Coast, and other alternative news sources.  If even a single one of these reports is close to the truth, folks, we’re in a world of hurt.  Is that the kind of devastation I’m seeing represented by Godzilla?  I don’t know, but it is within the realm of possibilities.

I’ve called some of my intuitive friends and inquired about anything regarding the Gulf disaster that they may have picked up, and there have been a few instances where someone they were acquainted with that also tended to be of the intuitive sort has fled the Gulf Coast or intends to in the near future.  Therefore, I don’t even have the vindication of a consensus from other intuitives that there is SOMETHING out there,  something that is caused or influenced or brought into existence by the presence of the oil spill, because there is a possibility it is not directly related in a manner that most of us would recognize.  In the meantime, I’m dealing with repeated images of Spillzilla (what else could I call it?  It isn’t an actual “Godzilla” but rather the concept of a scary mass-destruction & devastation sort of monster about to attack a coastal region.)


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