Disasters and rumors of disasters, and the oily black horse

18 Jun

“Ever since Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, people have sensed that odd things go on at the archetype level of consciousness.  The web bots are an attempt to use the high data density of the internet to sample language and seek linguistic shifts that we believe may precede events.  The initial results suggest that language shifts on a macro level begin to occur 45 to 90 days before society-changing events.  We believe we’ve demonstrated, most recently with the Northeast Power Outage forecast, that changes in language do indeed precede events – on a far grander scale than Dean Radin’s work first suggested – and these language changes are available by sampling routine internet traffic.”  from  http://urbansurvival.com/simplebots.htm

Check it out.  It was interesting, what else is there to say?

Now that’s a bit scary, considering my general subconscious state lately, this sense of dread as I regard the BP oil spill especially. I can’t seem to shake the feeling that it is much bigger than “merely” the biggest ecological disaster in mankind’s history on this planet.  I mean, come on, that alone is HUGE!  Why this uneasiness about it?  What is out there?

Something is going on.  We have conspiracy theories running as fast as the oil is gushing out.  We have rumors that there is a blackout on real information about the spill going on, all the way to blatant statements by James Fox that people are actually being arrested for attempting to report on related events.  It’s common knowledge that no one can get to Grand Isle, LA without a permit.    I haven’t tried to visit the coast anywhere but according to rumors and word of mouth, Grand Isle is the only location closed entirely to outsiders.  So why Grand Isle?  First of all, it is an island with limited resources.  It also has very limited access in and out, making it easy to restrict traffic there.  There could be perfectly legitimate reasons to block outsiders from getting in the way.  Then again, maybe there isn’t.

I look towards the south, an d my internal radar has a million warning blips.  It’s just too bad that it doesn’t come with a decoder ring to tell me WHY.  What is out in the Gulf, what is going to happen?  I’ve done my best to focus that intuition and internal radar, and what do I get?  Serious danger, I can feel it pulsing.  It’s focused on SE Louisiana too, but what is it?  Why can’t I see it more clearly?  How can that oil slick be associated with ONLY SE Louisiana? It’s way bigger than that!

Thinking it through, the only conclusions I can reach is that it involves the oil spill somehow, and the danger zone is SE Louisiana.  Nothing clearer than that.  I have no idea why the association or why I have a whole crowd of mental stick figures waving red flags and pointing this way.  New Orleans may even be the focal point of that danger, and I cannot find anything that would explain it.   It’s almost as if Godzilla is out there, about to hatch, and that’s crazy.

At the same time as this is going on, there is a lot going on personally, requiring my attention and time.  My laptop is having seizures, and not even GM’s wizardry is restoring it to functional behavior.  Finances are incredibly tight–there is no option of replacing it, not even with the cheapest netbook on the market.  I’m just thankful that all important files are stored on my external, allowing me to commandeer GM’s computer and use it, even if there are still letters on his keyboard and no groove worn into the space bar. (Yeah, after 3 years, I have an actual groove in my laptop’s space bar as well as the letters are long ago worn off.) 

I am not seeing any real time to allow me a good retreat & chance to meditate and seek clarity for a couple of weeks–I know, I’m slow, but I honestly need at least a half day of undisturbed time.  Stealing an hour here or there is fine and dandy as a maintenance effort, but I do need longer for serious work.  Hopefully, I’ll get some time in early July…and it won’t be too late.

In the meantime, I have got to get rid of excess material goods.  Too much stuff becomes a weight around my neck, and it’s reached that point.  GM is mowing the lawn in a frantic race against an incoming thunderstorm, we need ice (it’s really HOT here!) and I have a thousand things to get done. This evening, if the weather permits, we’ll load some items that are getting hauled off and we’ll take care of that tomorrow. At some point, I need to get some laundry done too.  I have three articles to get written today at some point…and no inspiration has struck.  Ugh.  Who wants to think about food and cooking when its this hot? All I want is an icy cold drink! 

That thing growing to the south is really always a nagging little burr under my mental saddle.  I can feel it.  I know its there.  I just wish I knew what it really was.


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