Jesus, Mohammed, Freedom of Speech, and Comedy Central

1 Jun

I read an article today, about the backlash that Comedy Central was taking over some South Park episodes regarding religion and how they had censored some parts after threats from a militant religious group that found the topic displeasing.

It turned out the only part that was censored was the part regarding the Islamic religion, even though, on the scale of potentially offensive concepts, it was very mild.  The entire situation is really illustrating something though.  It is no longer politically correct to be a member of the “mainstream” of America and to expect one’s traditions and beliefs to be important.

To be white, Christian, and politically conservative is now equated with ignorant, backward, racist, narrow minded, bigoted, and just about every other derogatory adjective you can come up with.  So, now America is made up of people who are being conditioned to being guilty, even if they aren’t sure what, and to try and make apologies and retribution to everyone they come across for no other reason other than they are guilty of this mysterious sin of being born to a member of the largest group in the United States.

Now I realize that once upon a time, if you weren’t white, Protestant, and male, you probably had very little chance of getting ahead in America, and even less say about where you did go.  Just about every other race and religion was the subject of ridicule, targeted by every comedian and pulpit preacher in North America.  I realize that both Native Americans and blacks were owned by others, usually (but not always) white, Anglo Saxon, Protestant male Americans in the past too.  I understand that Native Americans had fewer rights in the eyes of the law than a black slave in the South in our early American history, and didn’t gain many more until the 20th century.  I know that the Asian immigrants faced horrible treatment in the United States in the 1800s, and that even in the 1900’s the Japanese-Americans were rounded up and packed off to concentration camps with very little commentary in the newspapers.

I had hoped that all of the civil rights movements of the 60s had changed all of that.  I believed that as a nation, we were becoming more enlightened and more tolerant of differences.  I never dreamed of a day when religious leaders and churches would be the victims of bombings, arson, kidnapping, lynchings, and assassins in the United States again.  I was firmly convinced that Justice had truly become color blind, and that when a crime was committed against anyone, no matter what their race, creed, color, religion, or gender was…that justice would be sought against the perpetrator.

It is with great sorrow that I admit tonight that I was wrong.

It seems that now, if you are white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant, you are guilty.  You have no rights.  If you are mainstream America, and speak American English, you have nothing coming.  If you have an education at all, and are mainstream America, you are guilty.  It’s okay for racial slurs to be shouted at you.  It’s okay for your churches to be desecrated, your religious writings to be burned or the objects of disrespect, it’s okay for you to be the butt of jokes.  You deserve it by the simple fact of your birth, language, and upbringing.  You are guilty.

You are just as guilty if your ancestors came from anywhere in Europe and you are Catholic.  It’s okay for jokes to be made about the terrible tragedy of sexual predation from priests, for the victims’ names to be publicly displayed to ensure their continued humiliation and embarrassment.  They deserve it.  They deserve it because of their race, color, creed, religion and upbringing.

Now if you aren’t born in the USA, if you don’t speak American English, if you can’t read or write, if you didn’t go to school, and if your ancestors were black slaves…then its different.  If you don’t worship in a Christian church, then its different.  It helps if you are relatively poor, but that isn’t necessary either.  You can own a business, and be quite prosperous, and still, you should be treated with favoritism.  If you don’t want to learn to speak, read and write American English, that’s okay, someone will translate for you.  Did you arrive in the USA without proper documentation? We’ll fix it for you, the rules only apply to white un-documented persons from places like Australia, Europe, and Canada anyhow…

And if anyone says anything anywhere that offends you, that puts your religion or beliefs down, well by all means, threaten them with vague threats against their life, or their family’s lives…that’s okay too, because they are GUILTY!!

It’s bullshit.  Pure and simple bullshit.

I’m not guilty of anything because my father’s grandfather emigrated from Germany.  Nobody owes me anything because my grandmother’s grandmother was Native American either.  I don’t get anything special back on my taxes because I joined DAR, or because my great great grandfather fought in the Confederate Army either.  Will I be afforded something special because of Jewish ancestry?  Or shall we take a look at my own Islamic ancestors?   Are we to be measured in this life because of what our ancestors did or didn’t do, where they were born, and who they married?   I hope not.  I hope to live my life on my own merits.  I thought that that was enough.  It should be enough.

To be judged wrong by my light skin is just as wrong as for me to judge someone wrong with a dark skin.  It’s racism, either way.  I heard some of this line of thought when the last presidential campaign was going on, when if you weren’t in favor of Barack Obama, you’d be saddled with the racist slur.  To me, this was puzzling.  Either way, in my eyes, whether you voted for or against Obama, if your choice was based solely on skin color & ancestry, it was a racist choice.  Period.  Racism isn’t only the problem of white mainstream America, and it IS inherited!

We teach our children racism by favoring one race over another.  Others teach them racism by favoring one race over another.  I’ve seen blatant racism from every race in the world, and it is no more right when it is a black or red or brown skinned person practicing it against a white or brown or red or black skinned person than it is when the practicing person is white.  It is WRONG.

We need to re-examine the things we are doing, the things we are teaching the next generation, and the things we think before we saddle the coming generations with even more grievous battles to settling racism, racial, and religious intolerance.  It needs to end now.  Militant Islamic groups have no more right to dictate what mainstream America does than any militant Christian group does, and if they don’t like the tv program, they can reach up and turn that little dial, and change the channel!




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