Making money on Twitter or how to get rich quick

24 May

I have the perfect plan on how to get rich with Twitter.  My plan is so very unique from the other ones that are continually being advertised by thousands every hour on Twitter too, because I am being blatantly honest about exactly what you are going to get.


Making money from Twitter?

Sure.  Why not?  Twitter is the fastest growing network on the internet.  Thousands of people are out there every single minute, just waiting for you to post a link to, waiting to click on that link and spend their hard earned money.  You need to jump on the bandwagon and start putting YOUR hand out too!

Annoy your friends and family, irritate your business associates, aggravate other customers, and alienate total strangers, all possible with my easy plan!

Yes, it is absolutely true!

How can you get this amazing plan where you learn how to gain and lose followers faster than Barack Obama gives us desirable change in American politics?

Ahh but that is the secret that I am about to share with you.  Yes, I am really truly going to share it with you, only you and everyone else who can operate their computer well enough to donate a mere $24.95 towards the cause of financial freedom and social ostracization via Twitter.

How can you accomplish all of this?  I’m not even going to ask for your personal and private credit card information.  I’m not going to make you wait weeks for your gratification and enabling you to join the ranks of other social pariahs on Twitter and their continual streams of promises of followers and riches!

Here is how you do it.  Simply go to, and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  On the left hand side of the page is a “donate” button.  Make your modest donation of $24.95 or more through PayPal.  When you have completed your transaction, just send me an email from the same email used with your PayPal donation.  In just a short nebulous time frame, I’ll send  you a complete description on how you too can become one of the countless numbers of people scammed by MLM schemes and Get-More-Follower promises on Twitter.


You get all of that and MORE…

YES, you get MORE!

I’ll also send you a genuinely appreciative thank you for your generous donation towards keeping Gia Scott’s Dawn of Shades program available free via the internet.  In electronic format, of course!  You can print it and frame it, then hang it on your wall and know that you are part of the solution to ensuring free media remaining free and unfettered by commercial restraints and corporate sponsors.

But wait…

What if you want even more?  What if you want to show the world that you are not only an astute judge of merit for MLM schemes, but you want to truly illustrate your status as an enlightened being of the New Millenium?  Yes, we offer an Enlightened Supporter status too!  Yes, you too can truly support Exogeny Network in its efforts to deliver high quality programming to an enlightened audience even in this tough economy.

You wonder how you can join this elite group?

Just go to the donate section and donate $100 or more, and we’ll add your name to our list of Truly Enlightened Exogeny Network Sponsors.    We’ll throw in the information about getting rich with Twitter and alienating society for FREE!  We’ll send you a lovely electronic thank you that you can print & frame for display as well!

Hurry, don’t miss this opportunity!  It won’t last long!


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