Aging-just when we get it together, we fall apart? NOT fair!

18 May

If you look at ancient writings, you’ll see some familiar themes occurring even then, such as how the “youth of today” was going to cause the downfall of civilization, etc.  It seems youth has been getting a bad rap all along, because I heard the same things when I was young.

Yeah there’s a kicker…once upon a time, I too was young.  Did I appreciate youth then?  Of course not, I was immortal and timeless and it was never going to end.  Now, if I dare to look in the mirror, I really can’t see that well.  With glasses on, its much too far away.  Without glasses, its just not that distinct either.  What do I need the mirror for anyhow?  I have long hair, I can put it up without a mirror.  I don’t bother wearing makeup anymore, my skin doesn’t like it.  Not being able to see myself clearly in the mirror is probably a blessing.

Someone keeps playing some cruel joke on me though.  They keep putting my mother into photos where I’m supposed to be.  I don’t know who on earth is doing that, but I know that’s not me…that person is old & fat, and I’m not.

I am beginning to really understand that statement that inside of every 80 yr old lady is an 18 year old girl screaming to get out and wondering what in the hell happened.  She’s inside of me too, she’s just awful confused at the current situation.

Then, as I’m going about my business, I’ll encounter some pretty young thing who looks at me as though I’m a relic from the days of dinosaurs, and part of me wants to laugh and tell her the secret of life.

Kiddo, once upon a time, I was just like you.  I blinked, the sun came up, and here I am.

Now that I know stuff, and I mean really know some good stuff, just when I am really getting my shit together, I’m noticing.  My body is falling apart.  It’s gained weight.  It’s stiff, it doesn’t heal right.  It won’t let me do the “good stuff” I finally have figured out HOW to do.  Next I’m going to start forgetting things, and having a hard time learning new stuff, and I’m dreading that, at least until the point where I can’t remember what it was that I was going to learn.

It just stinks, just as we get it all together, nature betrays us and we start to fall apart.  I finally have some brains, something to base opinions on, a reason to be a revolutionary, causes to champion…instead, I’m searching for the ultimate in super glue to keep me from falling apart.  Old testiment characters typically lived 300-600 years…that really is a good lifespan when you think about it, especially if we retain our functions.  If engineers and artists and craftsmen had that long to perfect their skills, what could we accomplish?  If philosophers could do their profound thinking that long, what would they discover about that?  We are no more than a flash in the pan, and it takes so many flashes to equate a lightbulb!

It’s just not fair, that’s all.  I had my kids before I was old enough to realize I wasn’t ready to be a parent yet.  We’re really NOT ready until about the time we become grandparents!  (No wonder so many traditional civilizations had grandparents raising kids!)

Just think, we all knew it all when we were in our teens.  What could we know when we do our teens again after the first century?

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