What is up with Google?

10 May

I used to love Google’s Gmail.  Used to.  Yep, I confess, I was telling everyone that it was so much better than using their ISP supplied email address, so much more efficient and user friendly than other web based emails, etc.

I was probably nauseating.  My friends probably rolled their eyes and mumbled “Ms. Google” behind my back.

The honeymoon is over, I filed for an annulment.  I have most of my accounts moved now, so that they no longer connect with Gmail.  One day, I accessed my email in the morning…came back midday, and my account was disabled for the mysterious “suspicious activity.”  About 18 hours later, I am allowed access again, as soon as they sent me an access code to my cell phone.  Now part of me questions…why my cell phone? It wasn’t connected to the account, it could have been anyone’s cell phone.  Why did Google want my cell phone number so badly?

I don’t care why.  I don’t like it, I don’t like not knowing what the suspicious activity was either.  Was it someone accessing it w/o permission?  Did they not like me telling the audience to email me at that address on my radio program?  Resigned to the problem, it meant not only changing the email account associated with each and everything important on the internet, from banking to bills, and then also changing the passwords, just in case.

Greg wanted me to start blogging on Google’s blog front, and I refused.  I guess once access has been denied once, I assume its going to happen again.  Why bother if my account could be canceled, terminated, or suspended at any point with or without explanation?  (Yes, they can…read your TOS!) I WAS a huge Google apps fan too.

But guess what?

They are connected to your Google account, that same one that can be terminated with or without reason, at any time, with or without explanation.   Who wants to watch the sudden demise of a calendar they depended on?  Who wants a tool that only works with someone’s permission?  No thanks.

So really, what is up with Google and this continual wanting to send text messages to people’s cell phones?  I’m not the only one.  Greg’s had that requirement about 4 times in the last week or two.  Should we be getting paranoid, pissed, or what?


One Response to “What is up with Google?”

  1. Patrick Campbell May 10, 2010 at 8:52 pm #

    EXACTLY! Go register a personal domain with someone like hostgator.com, and create as many email addresses as you want. I’m paying 10 bucks a month for mine and I don’t worry about my account getting cancelled!


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