Living smaller and walking lighter with a bicycle?

4 May

Obviously, from the wide variety of topics I have jumped across, I don’t have to worry about “thinking inside of the box” unless I’m going to have a variety of boxes to think inside of!  The thoughts today are on bicycle based camping, ultralight everything, and living smaller.

Interesting websites come along with the thoughts.  Here is one:

Ultra light living sort of says it all.–this is a conversion kit for adding power to bicycles.  Interesting. If you are serious about biking as a replacement for motor vehicles, these trailers would be a godsend. This company had excellent reviews, and specializes in a very narrow niche for an already narrow niche-the bicyclist, in particular, a bicyclist who wants or needs a trailer.  When I’m ready to buy one, I’ll likely give them a call-they would have knowledge about the products & needs that a novice would not. Safety gear is important, especially for bicyclists, who are vulnerable from everything from roaming vicious dogs to motor vehicles.  I should know, the reason I’ve NOT ridden much in the last 20+ years was due to experiences with them!  Now, if I could find someone who sold titanium gaiters to protect legs from dog teeth…

The whole idea of a small house is so appealing to me, as I am currently trying to eliminate excess material goods from my life.  I remember when I first moved into this house–my voice echoed.  There was nothing to dust.  Now, I have stacks of books and everything else.  I’ve  been hauling bags of magazines to every clinic & doctor’s office I visit to genuinely recycle them in their original form (the most efficient method of recycling!) In addition, I have been inflicted with a lack of reading material myself when waiting in their offices, so this means someone else will at least have something to read besides old medical journals!  (They might find my donations odd, but that’s ok, at least its an eclectic collection of choices!)   I need to start finding ways to give away books too, as I get a lot of books to review and often once I’m done, it isn’t a book I’m ever going to want to read again.  I’m not enthusiastic about donating to the local library, as they will sit in boxes in a store room for a year or so until the annual book sale when they sell the donated books.  So, I’ll have to start thinking creatively about who & where I can donate them to, especially since the vast majority are in the “paranormal” genre, whether they are non-fiction or fiction.  I love electronic versions that I can read on my laptop, and I’d love to try one of the electronic readers out, but can’t really justify spending the $ on it at this point.  Electronic books & magazines mean simpler referring back-often there are search features.  I can flip through the table of contents on a whole year’s worth of issues in a few minutes if I’m just browsing.  Distribution is so much easier too–I can have the latest & greatest in minutes instead of days, plus it uses so much less energy-no delivery fuel, no paper, no ink…and best of all, no annoying postman with delivery quirks.

My magazine delivery company is Zinio–take a look at them!


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