Learning curve

25 Apr

Got the software installed, and played with it for an hour.  At that point, I was inspired to homicidal tendencies as my frustration level skyrocketed.  Time to set it aside and work on other things.  I hate this stage, and most of all, I despise feeling “stupid” as I look for features and wonder where in the hell commands are located to accomplish things I want to do or try doing.

I can’t help but wonder, what on earth happened to my patience?  I run out of it so fast anymore, and I have no real reason to always be in a hurry.  This software may be made for dummies, but why can’t they put commands where I can find them?  I’m sure I’ll learn this, but in the meantime, there will be times when I have to stop and do other things.

I did have fun writing the article about the coffee maker yesterday, and it seems to have generated more positive feelings than the usual foodie article.  It’s also one of the few where my personality starts to really come through, complete with bent sense of humor and all.  Had a few positive comments, in twitter and one on the article page, which was nice.  Wish more people would comment, so that’s a change I’m going to do myself-resolve to comment more often when I read things I like.

So it is cloudy and somewhat muggy, although it’s not really hot today.  I might make up a batch of bread, that’s always good for the soul, the smell of bread raising & baking.  I swear there is something primeval about our connection to that aroma.  I should also work on making a recipe for hoe cakes that are edible by my standards.  What are hoe cakes,  you wonder?  Corn based griddle cakes, after a fashion.  Traditionally, they were unleavened and contained no milk, eggs, or flour.  Tradition isn’t what our palates are used to these days though.

Work-need to do so many things, with the show, with the website, with software, with editing audio files, with housework.  How does anyone have time to sit down and say “I am so bored,” yet I hear it so often from people!  I run out of time, not run out of things to do.

So, with that, it’s back to the grindstone.  If the saying that there is no rest for the wicked, then maybe I should start doing more penance for my wicked ways and I’d have more down time for sleep.

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